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Friday, October 1, 2010

Therapy: Phase 1

Hey guys,
     I’m trying something different on this one. It’s (I think) going to be a little longer than the others, so I’m going to be posting it in four parts. The first two parts are mostly set-up and have no diaper content, so if you’re the impatient type, maybe you should wait until it’s done before you read it.
     Anyway, enjoy. I hope to have part two up shortly, followed quickly by the rest. If you like the story and want to see more, don’t forget to tell me; positive feedback makes me work faster.

     Sarah watched Dr. Stone jot in his little coil notebook. I’d have started therapy years ago if I’d known the scenery would be this nice, she thought to herself, eyeballing her handsome psychiatrist hungrily.
     She knew he was nearly twice her age, but Dr. Stone was remarkably fit, and even through his suit, Sarah could tell he had a marvellous physique. He was almost impossibly handsome, well groomed, and she’d never seen him in anything less than the finest tailored suits. She fantasized about him constantly: she loved to imagine him instructing her to head to her bedroom, put on her sexiest negligee and wait for him, his rich, smooth voice enveloping her like a blanket...
     “...As I’ve mentioned before, I’m developing a new form of therapy to help young women with your specific set of problems.”
     Sarah’s family was extremely wealthy, old money blue bloods who owned holdings in several major industries. Sarah had never worked a day in her life, never lifted a finger to help anyone, was spoiled, rude, selfish, and lived only to spend her parent’s money. She had no respect for anyone, and treated those she considered beneath her like dirt. None of which she regarded as a problem, but after she was kicked out of her third university in four years, her mother insisted she seek out some kind of help. At first, Sarah had resented and resisted her mother’s attempts.
     After meeting Dr. Stone, however, Sarah had decided that therapy could definitely have certain benefits...
     It took her a while to get used to the idea of opening up and revealing her secrets to a total stranger. But once she got used to the idea, Sarah found herself enjoying the process; a psychological strip tease, gradually disclosing her fears, desires, and secret shames to him, growing more vulnerable, and further into his power the more she revealed.
     “The idea,” he continued, “is to use small, physical reminders to help the patent reign in their selfish, egotistical personality traits.”
     Sarah smiled lustily. “What kind of ‘physical reminders,’ doctor?” she asked, letting her imagination run wild.
     Stone smiled. “I’m sorry, but I can’t discuss the details right now—the process is still in the testing stages and confidentiality is extremely important. However... If you would be willing to sign up to participate in the tests, we could start phase one of your treatment right away. That is, If you’re interested.”
     Anything to spend more time with you, doctor, she thought with a sly smile. “Where do we begin, doctor?”
     Reaching over to his desk, he produced a handful of documents. “Sign these, please: They’re standard confidentiality agreements. For the duration of your treatment, I’m afraid you won’t be able to talk to anybody outside this office about your therapy.”
     Sarah signed eagerly. “So,” she said with a grin, “where do we start?”
     Slowly, Dr. Stone placed his notepad on the table. He fixed Sarah with a forceful look that she’d never seen before; authoritative, but still in complete control of himself. She felt trapped, helpless; pinned to the spot like a butterfly under glass. “Come here, Sarah,” he commanded, his demeanour as calm as usual.
     She rose slowly, a small smile playing across her lips. She crossed the small space between them with maddening slowness, being sure to roll her hips seductively from side to side. Is it legal for a therapist to dole out a bare bottom spanking to a naughty patient? She mused internally, her heart throbbing wetly at the thought. She came to a rest in front of doctor Stone, standing before him, totally open to whatever was coming next.
     Fixing his piercing blue eyes on hers, he spoke clearly and confidently. “Take off your panties.” Sarah knew it was clearly an order, but his wonderful, smooth voice carried the unspoken edge of ‘it’s for your own good, darling,’ making her positively melt on the inside.
     With the barest of knowing smiles playing about her lips, she reached under her skirt and drew her sixty dollar, imported silk panties down her smooth, bare legs. They dropped to a silky puddle around her ankles. She kicked them off and stood before Dr. Stone, twitching her bare bottom against the seat of her skirt.
     Dr. Stone stood and walked over to his desk. After removing something from one of the bottom drawers, he returned slowly to his seat. “ Sarah,” he began, his voice so rich and assured it made her quake like a leaf. “I’d like you to wear these for the rest of the day.” He held them out toward her. Sarah’s heart leaped when she saw what he had in his hands. Part of her wondered if it was some kind of joke, even as she realized it wasn’t.
     They were, without a doubt, the biggest pair of frilly, lacy, little girl underpants Sarah had ever seen. They were pink with bright red hearts, lace trim around the leg holes and a couple of rows of frills across the back. Sarah hadn’t worn panties like that, even when she had been a little girl. The thought of wearing them now, as a grown woman, under her sophisticated, designer clothes sent shivers of embarrassment up and down her spine.
     She looked at Dr. Stone, reluctant, not sure if she could go through with it. But his steely stare froze her protests in her throat. “Come on, Sarah,” he gestured for her to come closer, and though still plagued with doubts, she found herself obeying, almost against her will. She stood before him, unable to look away from his eyes as they peered into her and laid bare all of her thoughts and feelings. She took deep, slow breaths, trying to steady herself.
     He held the panties and lowered them toward her feet. “Come on, honey; step inside.” Sarah did as she was told, carefully threading her high-heels through the leg holes and allowing them to be drawn up her legs. He kept his eyes on hers, even as he drew the panties up her thighs and firmly in place between her legs. Sarah, who had never felt shy around a man in her entire adult life, found herself blushing and glancing away, unable to meet his gaze.
     Once the panties were in place, Dr. Stone reached around and gave her bottom an affectionate pat through the seat of her skirt. “How does that feel?” he asked, his voice the picture of clinical detachment.
     Sarah stared at him, not knowing what to say. The little girl panties felt so strange to her: She shifted from foot to foot, trying to get used to the feeling of cotton between her legs; she’d been wearing satin and silk for so long that the sensation of anything else against her pussy and dainty butt-cheeks felt strangely foreign.
     “Come on,” Dr. Stone encouraged. “Show me how they look.”
     She stared at him, thinking he was joking. With him watching expectantly, she grew self-conscious. Hesitantly, she reached down, took hold of her hem, and tugged it above her waist, displaying her frilly, girly panties to her handsome doctor, even as her ears burned with embarrassment. She couldn’t fathom him seeing her like this, all dolled up in a pair of panties better suited for a girl just out of pampers beneath her expensive, designer outfit. She stood shyly, at a loss for words for the first time in her life, as the gorgeous doctor inspected her like a little girl.
     “Turn around,” he commanded, and she did without even thinking, putting her ruffled, pink-pantied bottom on display for him, like a toddler eager to show off her pretty new under things. She turned and stuck out her derrière, presenting the seat of her frilly pink panties to him, begging for attention. She shivered once more as she felt him reach out and place his palm against the cotton seat, rubbing the frills affectionately. Sarah thought she would faint when Dr. Stone gave her tushy a gentle squeeze, making her murmur and blush.
     “I want you to wear these at least once a week from now on, Sarah,” he began, patting her ruffled rump tenderly. “And when you do, I want you to think about how they make you feel. I want you to hold onto that sensation every time you feel like acting up or treating someone poorly from now on. Is that clear, honey?”
     Sarah nodded eagerly. She didn’t think she’d ever be able to talk down to anyone ever again; not as long as I’m wearing these panties, anyway, she thought to herself. It would be, she reflected, pretty hard to be snippy to a waitress while she was sitting with 4 rows of frilly ruffles under her bottom.
     Dr. Stone took the hem of her skirt and tugged it down over Sarah’s new panties. “Good girl,” he said plainly, making Sarah feel very pleased with herself. “Now: I think our time is just about up, so we’ll end it there.”
     She nodded numbly. She felt dazed, like she’d been mugged or something. He rose, took her hand gently and led her to the door. “I’ll see you next week at the same time, OK sweetheart?” he asked opening the door for her. Sarah smiled shyly and nodded as he ushered her out the door with a couple of pats on her backside. She shivered. “Good. I’ll see you then. Janet? Send in Mrs. Glick when she gets here, ok?” he said to his secretary.
     “Will do, doctor,” Sarah heard Janet reply as she left the office.

     After she left, Sarah ducked into the ladies room.
     Inside one of the stalls, she hiked up her skirt and stared down at her new panties. A blush spread across her face... she had never in her life seen anything more femininely infantile in her entire life. With her heartbeat pounding in her temples, she to look at her backside, feeling dizzy with embarrassment at the sight her pink, ruffled butt. Where could you even get something this infantile for a grown woman, anyway?
     The door opened, followed by the steady clack-clack of somebody’s high heels. Sarah listened as they took the stall next to her and locked the door. She tugged down her skirt and flushed  before she left the stall.
     She crossed to the sink and washed her hands. She looked in the mirror to check her make-up and caught sight of something beneath the stall-door.
     The woman’s panties, though not exactly like hers, were clearly of the same design school: full-cut, satin, with a pink ribbon on the front and lace trim around the leg-holes; they were more appropriate for a girl who’d just finished her potty training than a grown woman. Was this woman receiving “special treatment” from Dr. Stone as well? What other reason could she possible have for wearing those ridiculous panties? Sarah had to find out.
     The toilet flushed. After a few moments, the door opened and out came Janet, Dr. Stone’s pretty, young  secretary. “Oh, hi, Sarah!” she said warmly as she took a place at the next sink and began washing her hands.
     “Hi, Janet,” Sarah said. She didn’t want to be nosy and make Janet uncomfortable, but she just had to know; was Janet “in treatment” with Dr. Stone? “Janet?” she began tentatively.
     Janet turned to look at Sarah. Sarah realized they looked a lot alike: Janet was about her age, had the same golden blond hair, and small, slight frame. They could have passed as sisters.
      “I hope you don’t mind my asking but: are you a patient of Dr. Stone’s, too?” Sarah asked.
    “Yes. I’ve been seeing him for a few years now. One of the perks of the job is getting my sessions for free.”
     Sarah took a deep breath. “Yeah, well, he started me on phase one today...” she began casually.
     Janet looked over at her with a wide grin. “Oh really? Lucky you...” she winked.
     Sarah blushed a bit. “Thanks. Are you...” she hesitated.
     “I’m up to phase two,” she said with a broad grin.
     “What’s it like?” Sarah asked nervously.
     “Let’s just put it this way,” Janet said with a mischievous grin, “the day after my sessions, I’m really grateful for the pillow on the chair at my desk.”
     Sarah gaped, trying to process the implication. The thought of seeing adorable little Janet (or myself for that matter, she thought) getting a spanking across Dr. Stone’s lap in her little satin panties made Sarah so hot...
     Janet grinned. “I’ve gotta get back to work, hon. See you around.” She winked once more and vanished out the door.

     The drive home seemed to take an eternity.  She couldn’t stop running what Janet had said through her mind, couldn’t stop her brain from creating steamy scenarios. She imagined Dr. Stone spanking her, then spanking Janet, then spanking the both of them together, first one at a time, then with both of them crowded onto his lap at once in one writhing, naked, pink bundle. On their skirts, on their little girl panties, on their bare bottoms... By the time she got home, Sarah had run through just about every possible set-up.
     Once inside, she retreated rapidly to the bedroom, shedding her clothes as she went. By the time she got to her bedroom, she was naked except for her frilly little girl panties. She stood in the mirror, doing little turns and admiring herself, her face growing redder by the second as she imagined what someone would say if they saw her pink baby panties underneath the stall door the next time she used the ladies room? Or if she went home with a cute guy, only to have him discover that beneath her sleek, sexy outerwear she was wearing panties better suited to a four year old. What would he say? What would he do? Would he laugh in her face? Spank her? Sit her in his lab and coddle her like a real little girl? The possibilities played out in her head in slow motion as her hands wandered into the front of her panties and she began playing with herself eagerly. She turned around to admire her ruffled butt, wondered how she’d look with just a hint of red peeping out from under the leg bands. She thought about Dr. Stone, about his broad shoulders, dark hair, expensive suits and penetrating eyes. She thought about his broad, heavy hand coming down on her backside over and over, his strong, rich voice lecturing her, telling her how naughty she’d been...
     Sarah lost control quickly, her orgasm washing over her like a tidal wave...


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