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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Results of our Celebrity Poll

A few observations on this one...
  • ·         I’m not surprised Megan Fox won. I mean, look at her. Personally, I think her parents committed a crime against humanity when they potty trained her in the first place... the girl was born to wear diapers.
  • ·         I am, however, surprised Kim Kardashian didn’t give her more of a run for her money. Have you people ever seen that show? If it was up to me, it’d be called “Baby Kimmy’s Playhouse,” and ms. Kardashian would spend the series being carefully diapered, cared for like a baby, and publicly humiliated by a team of sexy Swedish nannies.
  • ·         I’m also shocked Scarlett Johansson didn’t garner more votes. Look at that picture; it practically screams “I’m ready for my diapers, daddy.”
  • ·         Apparently, there aren’t too many fans of Mad Men out there in diaper land.
Kudos to Megan Fox for being so supremely diaperable, and thanks to everyone who voted.

Work on the new story is going a little slow. Hope to have it finished next week. Stay tuned...

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