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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poor Little Rich Girl

     Stephanie Van Horne suppressed her smirk and forced her eyes to go cold. In front of her, one of the girls who worked at the hotel (Sherrie? Sharron? Names were never her strong suit) cowered in her boots. Stephanie knew her reputation among the staff, and she couldn’t have been happier about it; kept the peasants in line, she thought smugly, savouring the girls fear.
    The girl (what was her name?) was right to be afraid. Times were tough, and she needed her job to pay her way through school. She knew her fate was in Stephanie’s hands... and to be honest, Stephanie remained undecided. True, it was only two lates in one week, but...
     “My concern,” she told the girl bluntly, “is that we’re seeing the development of a pattern here.”
     “Ms. Van Horne,” the girl pleaded, “I’m so sorry about being late, but my there was an accident on the...”
    “Not my concern, my dear.” Standing behind her desk, she stared down at the girl before her (Cheryl? Shelly? ), her gaze boring into her. “My only concern here is: are you able to do the job you were hired to do or not?”
     “Yes, absolutely I can, Ms. Van Horne...”
     “After my great grandfather opened this hotel,” Stephanie lectured, “he dedicated the remainder of his life to ensuring the Van Horne name was synonymous with quality and excellence. If you can’t uphold those standards, Sherri...”
     “Um... it’s Tammy...”
     Stephanie fixed her with a hard look that couldn’t have said ‘I don’t give a fuck’ any louder if she’d screamed it at the top of her lungs. “Tammy,” she began, no small amount of venom in her voice, “if you don’t shape up, I’ll ship you out of here myself... accompanied by a very warm bottom, little girl.” She gave her a wolfish grin; poor Tammy could only giggle nervously at the implication.
     “Now,” Stephanie said, taking her place behind the desk once more, “run along back to work.”
     Red faced and embarrassed by the insinuation of getting a spanking from her boss, Tammy slipped out of the room as quickly as possible.
     When Tammy was gone, Stephanie giggled to herself, savouring the look in the girl’s eyes. It wasn’t that Stephanie had any attraction toward women (in fact, the rampantly heterosexual Stephanie had already worked her way through most of the eligible male staff at the hotel, and she was already thinking up ways to clear out some room in her stable for a few fresh acquisitions), but she revelled in her position and superiority over them. Tammy wasn’t the first ‘little girl’ who worked for her that she’d threatened with a red bottom, and she probably wouldn’t be the last. Not that she’d ever actually do it, of course. Stephanie simply relished in their fear and humiliation at the suggestion... their knowledge that they had to impotently accept whatever Ms. Van Horne wanted to dish out... even if it was a sore tushy. Yes, it wasn’t so much that Stephanie actually wanted to spank them. It was just the feeling it gave her, so difficult to describe in words...
     “I get to do whatever I want,” she said aloud to the room, following it up with a childish giggle.

     She was in a strange mood. A bizarre, giddy nervousness has been following her all week. She’d tried alleviating it in her usual ways: degrading her employees and meaningless sex. Stephanie’s had family owned practically the whole town for over a hundred years now; not only the hotel, but the lumber mill and a few other local businesses. The Van Horne’s had been the number one employer in Ghost Falls for decades. Stephanie had grown up like a little princess, the hotel her castle, the town her kingdom... and its people, her subjects. She’d gone her whole life thinking it was all hers by divine right.  And now this odd, foreboding feeling...
     She decided that a little shopping was what she needed to make herself feel right again. After she gathered her things, she told her secretary to hold her calls and phoned down for the car to be brought around front.

     Stephanie walked through the lobby, still buzzing from her confrontation with Tammy earlier. Some shopping and a little male companionship was just what she needed to cap the day off right, she decided. She ran through her mental rolodex: maybe she could nip into the kitchen to see Sam before she left, tell him to go up to the presidential suite after his shift and wait for her. Or maybe that new bellhop, Mark-- she barely knew him and he was fresh out of high school, but his physique was firm, and he had the face of...
     She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw him, sipping coffee and jotting casually in a small, coil notebook at a table in the restaurant. He was handsome and burly, like she liked. He was new, she was sure of that. For a long moment, she gazed at him, trying to figure him out: he didn’t seem like a salesman... an executive on vacation? Maybe; all she really knew was that she wanted to get to know him a little better. And whatever Stephanie wants... she thought with a grin, starting across the restaurant toward him.
     She boldly walked over, pulled out a seat, and sat across from him.
     Slowly, he looked up, fixing a blazing stare on her. Stephanie felt glued to the spot. “Hello there,” she said, extending a hand toward him, “I’m Stephanie Van Horne; I’m the owner of the hotel, as well as the lumber mill, the department store, the movie house, and a few other little places nearby.”
     He stared for a moment, puzzled and amused by the situation. “I’m... pleased to make your acquaintance, Ms. Van Horne,” he said, taking her dainty hand in his.
     She grinned as he kissed the back. “The pleasure’s all mine, Mr. ...?”
     “Grant. Eric Grant.”
     She grinned, bearing her teeth. “How do you like our sleepy little town, Mr. Grant? Do you like what you see?”
     He smiled back. “More every second.”
     She elicited a knowing chuckle. “Oh? So you’re enjoying the scenery?”
     “You have no idea, Ms. Van Horne.”
     “Call me Stephanie,” she smiled. “As the owner here, I enjoy getting to know our clients on an... Intimate basis.”
     He raised an eyebrow. “Is that so?”
     “Mmm...” Grinning lasciviously, she leaned across the table. “In fact... I have to step out for a bit just now, but I’ll be back soon. Would you care to meet me up in the presidential suite for...”
     A perky voice interceded, grating across the inside of Stephanie’s skull like nails on a chalkboard. “Fresh coffee?”
     Eric held his mug out for a fresh cup, while Stephanie did a slow burn toward the unsuspecting waitress. She recognised the girl as an airhead who’d had some trouble before. “Violet?” she enquired coldly; for once, a name hadn’t eluded her.
     The waitress didn’t miss this fact. She turned and spoke nervously. “Y-y-yes, Ms. Van Horne?”
     “I believe we've discussed these interruptions before, haven’t we, Violet?”
     “I-I-I was just...”
     “She was just doing her job,” Eric interjected.
     “Mr. Grant, I’d appreciate it if you would allow me to discipline my own employees,” she insisted haughtily. Turning her attention back to the cringing waitress, Stephanie continued her lecture. “This is your final warning, Violet. If it happens again, you’ll find yourself out on the street with a lousy reference.” She grinned condescendingly. “That and a very warm tushy. Are we clear, little girl?”
     Violet stammered valiantly struggling to answer, but she grew flustered and red faced at the mention of receiving such an infantile punishment from Ms. Van Horne, and in front of her handsome companion, no less. “Y-y-y-yes ma’am...”
     “In my opinion,” Eric’s voice said clearly, “there’s only one little girl in this conversation who’s crusin’ for a warm tushy, and she’s sitting right across from me. “
     Now it was Eric’s turn to be on the receiving end of one of Stephanie’s slow burns. “I beg your pardon?” she asked, voice dripping ice sickles.
     “I said,” he repeated with utmost calm and cool, “the only person at the table looking for a warm backside is you, Ms. Van Horne.” She gaped indignantly. “You're a spoilt little brat who’s been served and fawned over by everyone you come across for so long, you think you own them.”
     She felt herself blush. “You can’t speak to me this way in my hotel!” she blustered.
     “Hey, the customer’s always right, baby. If it were up to me, I’d take you across my knee and warm up your bare backside right here.”
     Stephanie sputtered. How could he speak to her like that? Had he no idea who she was? She’d never heard the like! “How dare you?!” she demanded.
     He shrugged. “I don’t work in your mill, your department store, or your movie house, Ms. Van Horne.  Worst you can do to me is kick me out of my room. But I don’t think that would look too good in the brochures.”
     Stephanie glared impotently at him. Nobody had ever spoken to her this way. She fumed, but beneath that, something began to grow. The giddy nervousness was now laced with a heaping dose of curiosity. .. Not to mention fury.
     It was the latter that would eventually win out. Her anger and confusion (and, she was forced to admit, arousal) at the suggestion of a spanking from this... commoner... was too much for Stephanie to take. Bolting up from the table, she fixed Eric with an icy glare. “Mr. Grant, you are nothing but a course, boorish oaf, and I will not waste one more minute of my precious time on a brainless lout such as yourself.”  Spinning on her heal, she strode out of the restaurant.  Stephanie swore she could almost feel him grinning as she strode away.

     He’d been watching TV in his room for about an hour, contemplating going to bed, when the knock came at the door. Standing, he crossed the room and put his hand on the knob, already half knowing what he’d see behind it.
     Eric pulled the door open. Stephanie Van Horne waited patiently beyond, her dark pant-suit providing strange contrast to her petite stature, almost giving her the look of a girl playing dress-up. She smiled pleasantly at him.
     “Ms. Van Horne. This is unexpected. Am I being thrown out?”
     “Not at all, Mr. Grant. May I come in?”
     He stepped back, closing the door behind her. Eric took a seat in the wooden chair on the far side of the room, Stephanie standing before him. “What can I do for you, Stephanie?”
     “I wanted to apologise,” she said sincerely. I’m in a high-stress position, as I’m sure you can guess, and sometimes I let my frustrations get the better of me. You were right; I had no right to speak to Violet that way. I hope we can put this silliness behind us.”
     “Oh,” he said simply. “So you came here to collect your spanking?”
     She gave him a puzzled look. “Excuse me?”
     “Well, if you agree that I was right and you were wrong to threaten your employee with a spanking,” he began casually, “then it stands to reason that you also agree with my assessment that the one who would benefit the most from a spanked bottom is...you,” he said, emphasizing the final word by locking his pale blue eyes on hers, so cool they burned.
    Her voice caught in her throat. “Are you serious?” Her heart throbbed in her ribcage, and, in spite of herself, she felt herself growing aroused by the suggestion. Stephanie’s pride would never allow her to admit it, but she found the idea of being spanked across Eric’s lap highly erotic.
     “Absolutely,” he said. “In my experience, there’s nothing wrong with a brat like you that can’t be fixed in a hurry with a sore backside. And you are the brattiest little brat I’ve encountered in quite some time.” Grinning, he patted his lap. “That’s why I know you’re going to come over here, lay across my lap, and take your spanking like a good girl, right, Stephanie?”
     She scoffed, and was about to laugh in his face, tell him how ridiculous and pathetic his assessment of the situation was. In her mind, Stephanie was already halfway to the phone, ready to call security, and have him ejected from the hotel...
     But her scoffs turned to cold dread when she found herself walking across the room slowly, almost as though she was in a trance. She came and stood before him, quiet and demure. She shivered when he smiled and reached out to touch her hair. “Come on, darling,” he said, patting his lap once more, “come to daddy. Come take your punishment like a good girl.”
     She wanted to run, but she was powerless to resist. She came around to his right side and lowered herself across his knee, her heart gripped in the cold, horrifically embarrassing realization that she was actually looking forward to her humiliatingly childish punishment... and from a complete stranger, no less.
     She boiled with embarrassment, her face going crimson at the sensation of Eric’s palm rubbing her derrière through the seat of her trousers. He smiled, patting and squeezing her buns firmly, making her emit a series of breathy sighs, squirming across his lap like a little girl. He traced a line up the center seam of the seat of her pants with his finger, making Stephanie shiver.  “Are you ready for your spanking, precious?”
     She looked over her shoulder, shooting him a slightly terrified glance. Her eyes were wide, and her mouth hung slack, as though she was amazed to discover herself in this position. He raised his hand, grinning widely...
    Whap! The impact made her butt shake and her cheeks tingle. Her mouth dropped; it didn’t hurt quite as much as she thought it would, but still...
    Whap! The second spank came even quicker, followed swiftly by the third and the fourth, and just like that, Stephanie Van Horne, Princess of her own private kingdom, found herself lying over the knee of a total stranger, having her firm, rounded backside spanked while she kicked and hollered like a little girl. Her mind struggled to process it— the situation was so unreal, like a bizarre dream, that her embarrassment was subdued, diluted. It was as though it where happening to someone else and she were just watching.
     Reality didn’t hit home until he reached around her front and undid her pants. It happened so fast, Stephanie didn’t even realize what was going on until her tight, black pants were bunched up around her knees and her delectable rump lay exposed to him, cheeks quivering beneath the seat of her silk panties.
     Squealing, Stephanie reached behind to try to defend herself. Eric simple took her wrist and pinned it behind her back, leaving her at his mercy. She shot a frantic look over her shoulder. He merely grinned in response, giving one of her cheeks a squeeze.
     He began warming her seat again at a slow but relentless pace. Stephanie kicked and squirmed across his lap. A patient, deliberate spanker, Eric made sure both cheeks were equally reddened with the skill of a professional artist.
     ‘You do look absolutely wonderful across my knee, Stephanie,” he assured her quietly. He leaned in close enough to whisper. “And your bottom is turning the most delicious shade of pink...” Bending down, he gave each cheek a kiss before resuming her spanking.
     Inside, Stephanie felt as though she would split in two. Her mind luxuriated in the sensation of squirming across his lap as he vigorously warmed her tushy. But her body wanted to leap up immediately and run from the room. She pumped her legs so frantically over his knee that she kicked her pants off completely, leaving her in nothing but panties and high heels below the waist.
     Eric smiled as he watched her plump bottom turn pink beneath her panties, taking time to stroke and squeeze her buns between spanks. “Is this what you wanted all along, sweetheart?” He landed a firm WHAP to the center of her backside; Stephanie gasped, the warm sting spreading out across her backside. “Someone to call your bluff and show you what a little girl you really are?”
     She blushed, then turned crimson when she felt his fingers inside the waistband of her panties at the back. She turned, tried to speak, but it was too late: she felt embarrassment fill her, making her toes tingle, as he tugged her silky panties down.  She struggled to reach back and cover up, but Eric had her well trapped. The feeling of the breeze across her bare, well-spanked backside made her feel faint with mortified arousal.
     Eric landed a heavy spank across Stephanie’s wriggling bottom, then resumed patting and rubbing her glowing cheeks, making her moan. He slipped his hand between her legs and found her surprisingly wet. “Stephanie, you bad girl,” he admonished jokingly, landing a WHAP across her bare butt. “You’re not supposed to be enjoying this!” WHAP! Crying out, she renewed her struggles, pretending not to notice the obscene way she was grinding her sex into his thigh.
     A series of five blazing spanks brought her squirming to an end. “You know,” Eric said, reaching between her legs again, making Stephanie moan. “I don’t think a spanking is enough for a naughty little girl like you.” As he continued playing between her legs, making her giggle and writhe, he reached around with his other hand and delivered a firm WHAP! “I think you’re enjoying this too much.” WHAP! “I think this is exactly what you were looking for.” WHAP! “I think we’re going to need... additional punishment.”
     She looked back at him. “What do you mean?” she demanded hotly between her breathy moans.
     In answer, he delivered a hard spank. “You’ll find out soon enough , young lady.” He removed his hand from between her thighs, making her cry out in frustrated lust. “On your feet. C’mon, sweetie, double time,” he ordered, delivering a hard swat for encouragement.  Stephanie jumped to her feet as quick as she could and immediately began kneading her sore tushy. Eric couldn’t help but chuckle. 10 minutes ago, she’d strode in here dripping arrogance and entitlement. Now here Stephanie stood, blouse and blazer up top, naked on the bottom but for a pair of high heels, her neatly trimmed bush exposed to the world and her bright pink bottom peeking out from beneath her shirt-tails.. He gave her a few moments to ease her sore butt before rising. He crossed the room, wrapping his strong, muscular arms around her and pulling her close.
     “There there, sweetheart,” he whispered gently, kissing her. Sliding his hands down her back, he took her warm little buns into his hands and began squeezing them. Stephanie took in a sharp gasp, let out a shaky breath.
     “Up on the bed,” he instructed firmly, getting Stephanie settled in on her tummy.  Her heart fluttered in her chest as he took a fluffy pillow and slid it under her pelvis, raising her bright red tushy into the air. “What an appealing view,” Eric murmured, noting with pleasure the glistening sheen on the insides of Stephanie’s thighs. After kissing her well-spanked backside, he reached into his bag and took a small container of cream. Taking a generous dollop into his hands, he began rubbing it into Stephanie’s glowing derrière.
      “OOOH! OOO! Uhm...” she groaned gratefully as Eric worked the soft cool cream into her stinging tushy, easing the throbbing, burning discomfort almost immediately. He chuckled as her thighs fell open and she began squirming her hips on the pillow frantically, remarking silently to himself how quickly they always gave into their more childish impulses once a little pleasure was introduced. He touched between her legs, making her moan and writhe, bucking against his fingers.
     “Greedy girl, ” he whispered. After working the cream into her seat, he gave her bottom a pat. “Turn over, sweetheart,” he instructed, taking the pillow out from under her. Reluctantly, she did as she was told, turning over onto her back and watching him with curious, weary eyes. He bent down to kiss her firmly, rubbing her naked pussy as he did. She gazed up at him dreamily, telepathically begging him to finish her off. He kissed her cheek, put his lips right next to her ear. “Do you know what happens to spoiled little girls like you where I’m from? ” he asked, nibbling her ear. She groaned in response, thrusting her sex against her fingers. All Stephanie could focus on was her own gratification. She groaned and screamed, shaking on the bed as she reached a powerful climax.
     When she regained her awareness, she realized that Eric had taken her ankles and lifted her backside off the mattress. “HHuuumm?” she murmured questioningly.
     “Hush,” he said firmly, pushing a pacifier into her mouth.
     Stephanie let out a confused cry. “Quiet sweetie,” he admonished, giving her a firm spank on her upturned backside. She put her head back onto the pillow and tried to relax as Eric sprinkled some talc on her upturned butt-cheeks, patting it in firmly.
     He lowered her back to the bed. She squirmed, feeling something strange beneath her—a thick, cottony pad beneath her wriggling backside. She felt Eric pull it tight between her thighs, wrap it around her hips.
     She raised her head just in time to see Eric finish pinning her diapers on.
     Stephanie sat up quickly, staring dawn at herself in disbelief. Above the waist she still wore her finest silk blouse and blazer, looking every inch the hardened business woman she appeared to be.
     Beneath it, though, an enormous, fluffy diaper had been pinned to her loins, making a mockery of her business attire. The diaper was embarrassingly infantile, but it did leave almost the entirety of her sexy bare legs exposed, leaving absolutely no doubt that she was a gorgeous young woman who’d been reduced to pampers.
     In front of her, Eric smiled, pleased by how Stephanie’s regression was going. She reached up, took the pacifier from her mouth. “Eric, what the hell? Why did you put this on me? I don’t need... d-diapers,” she stammered, her face turning red.
     “You’re not in any position to be determining what is and isn’t appropriate punishment Stephanie,” he told her firmly, picking-up the pacifier and slipping it back into her mouth. Taking her hand, he helped her to her feet. Pulling a pair of pink plastic panties from the bag. He had her step in and then tugged them up her legs.
     Eric stood back and observed his handiwork with a laugh. “Take a look, gorgeous,” he said, taking her hand and leading her over to the full-length mirror on the wall.
     Stephanie surveyed herself in the mirror, feeling her humiliation swelling inside her, filling her entire body with it’s cold tingle until she felt she might burst. Above the waist she was still herself, still Stephanie Van Horne. Loose the pacifier, fix the hair and make-up, it would be like nothing ever happened...
     ...Except below the waist she was naked but for a bulky, fluffy diaper and a pair of pink baby pants (which, she noted with embarrassment, had a few rows of ruffles across the seat), exactly like a baby would wear.
     Eric laughed. “You look really adorable like that, Stephanie. When’s your next board meeting? I think this would be a perfect look for you.”
     “NUH-UH!” she insisted, shaking her head.
     “Don’t be silly,” he said, wrapping his arms around her. “Tell you what: you can bring me along. When you wet your diaper, I’ll put you up on the table and change you in front of the whole board.”
     “I’d open up your pampers...”
     “...I’d lift your legs and wipe your butt...”
     Stephanie shuttered, unable to stop herself from envisioning the mortifying scenario.
     “...Then, I’d powder your tushy and seal you into fresh pampers with a nice, dry bottom. What do you think about that, honey?”
     Stephanie stared at him, weak in the knees at the thought. Bad enough to be dressed like this in private. If anybody ever saw her diapered like a two year old, she would literally die from the embarrassment.
    “Just a thought, sweetheart,” he assured her, peeling off her jacket. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse, and before she knew it, Stephanie was naked but for her diaper and frilly baby pants. She watched with her complete attention as Eric took a wispy pink nightie and frilly baby bonnet from the bag. “Arms up,” he commanded. She obeyed, and soon found herself in the nightie, which was hemmed so high it left most of her diaper (and especially the humiliating ruffles on the back) totally exposed. In moments, he had the bonnet tied up beneath her chin.
     The would-be femme-fatale had been thoroughly relieved of her adulthood and utterly regressed; stripped, spanked, diapered, and reduced to the level of an infant, there was nothing for her to do now but pout.
     Taking her hand, he steered Stephanie toward the mirror. She emitted a choking sob when she saw herself. Her adult identity had been taken from her, replaced with an overgrown toddler—a fully grown woman with a chronic case of the terrible twos. She looked (she thought, the shame of the realization making her feel as though she’d ignite on the spot) utterly, sickeningly, wretchedly adorable. Lovable. The hardened businesswoman had melted away, revealing a bratty, but cute, baby girl underneath. Maybe, she thought, that’s all I ever was: A little girl playing dress-up. All it took was the right person to shatter the illusion and see her for what she really was.
     “Are you hungry, baby?” Eric’s voice tore her away from the reflection. She looked over to where he stood. It seemed strange to be asked such a normal question after all that had transpired in the last half-hour. She nodded slowly.
     He picked up the phone and dialled, but Stephanie wasn’t paying attention. She’d gone back to staring at her reflection, unable to shake the dreadful feeling that she’d just been stripped of more than just her clothes. Even if she did take these diapers off, even if she did slip back into her suit, how could she ever look in the mirror and see herself as a woman ever again?
     She saw Eric come up behind her and place his hands on her shoulders. “C’mon, honey,” he said, leading her away from the mirror. “It’s been a big day. I think you need a little lie-down.” He guided her toward the bed and helped her settle on her back. She shivered as he took a spot next to her and began to gently stroke her bare thighs. “Pretty girl,” he whispered, kissing her gently. “Such a pretty girl you are now.” Stephanie moaned and squirmed under his touch. Stripped of the security of her adult identity, Stephanie was more than happy to lie on the bed and thrill to Eric’s strong touch and wonderful soft kisses. She moaned at his strong hands touching her breasts through her thin nightie or rubbing her diaper against her crotch. She quivered inside at his whispered endearments, telling her how cute and perfect and irresistible she was.
     She figured they had laid like that for somewhere between fifteen minutes and eternity.
     The rapping on the door was like machine-gun fire in Stephanie’s ears. She bolted upright in bed. Eric rose. “Must be the room service I ordered,” he said, rising and crossing over to the door. Stephanie watched him go, heart in her throat. She couldn’t have anyone on staff at the hotel see her like this.
     Panic radiated out from her chest like lightning bolts. Sweat began trickling down her face as she listened to Eric converse with whoever had brought up their meal. She wondered who it was, frantically skimming her mental records of every employee who could possibly be at the door. Was it a man or a woman? Stephanie couldn’t decide which would be worse.  As shameful as it would be to be caught in this position by a man (particularly one she had bedded), she’d already threatened nearly every young woman on the staff with a spanking at one time or another. The thought of one of those little bitches catching her here like this, spanked, diapered, and dressed like a baby... Stephanie was sure she’d implode on the spot from the sheer shame of it.
     The door closed. Dread clinched her heart like a fist when she heard Eric approaching, laughing and chatting with someone very close behind him.
     Stephanie glanced around the room, frantically searching for a place to hide. But it was too late. Eric re-entered the bedroom, followed closely by a familiar face...
     “Ms. Van Horne?!”
     “Tammy...” Stephanie sobbed, her face going red as she watched the girls expression go from shocked confusion to amused delight. Stephanie thought back just a few hours ago to when she had threatened Tammy with a spanking; now here she stood, spanked, diapered, and dressed like a baby. The would-be big-shot who ran roughshod over Tammy and her friends was now little more than an outsized toddler... which was more than appropriate, if you asked Tammy.
     “Is she wearing diapers?!” Tammy guffawed.
     Stephanie sobbed as Eric sat on the bed next to her, putting his arm around her. “Stephanie just needed a little down time, Tammy,” he said. “Just a little something to show her what she really was.”
     “I can’t argue with that,” Tammy laughed. Stephanie felt two inches tall.
     Tammy approached her. Standing over her, she gently lifted Stephanie’s chin so she could gaze right into her eyes. “You look so cute like that... Stephanie,” she said with a wink. “I think it’s me who’s going to be handing out the bottom warming’s in this relationship from now on, honey.”
     “Well, she should be ok in that department for the time being,” Eric said with a smirk. “I think the red bottom I gave her should last her for a while.”
     “You spanked her?!” Tammy’s delight was palatable.
     “Of course,” he replied casually. Taking her arm, he turned Stephanie over and got her up on all fours. The blood rushed to her face as she realized what a spectacle she was making. She felt him tugging at the leg bands of her baby pants to reveal just a hint of red peeking out from under her diaper. She heard Tammy laugh and pat her diapered butt.
     “I think he’s right, honey; that should hold you over for a while.” Miserable, Stephanie turned over, plopped herself down on her diapered bottom, and began to pout. Tammy moved in close. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t bare your bottom and send you home with a sore tushy and a diaper the next time I catch you acting too big for your britches,” she warned, making Stephanie gulp. There was no denying that Tammy meant what she said.
     “Excellent idea,” Eric said. Taking the small carton of milk Tammy had brought up, he used it to fill a small, plastic bottle. “Would you like the honour of giving Baby Stephanie her dinner?”
     Stephanie watched with round, helpless eyes as Tammy took the bottle. “Don’t mind if I do,” she said, propping herself up in the center of the bed and turning toward Stephanie. She patted her lap. “C’mon sweetie. Time for dinner... don’t dawdle, honey,” she lectured, giving Stephanie’s thigh a slap when she hesitated.
     The former heiress and businesswoman and current big baby girl cuddled into Tammy’s lap, blubbering the whole time. “Please Tammy; I’ll give you anything if you’ll just keep this to yourself...”
     “But you don’t have to give me anything, Ms. Van Horne,” she said with a grin, popping the nipple into her mouth. “Just play along and be a good baby and nobody will ever find out. Now hush up and finish your bottle, or I really will give you a sore tushy... and maybe find a stroller to put you in so I can take you on a little walk around the hotel.”
     Stephanie struggled and gurgled.
     “Be a good girl and finish your milk then.”
     Ten minutes later, Stephanie was full of milk. “Good girl!” Tammy cooed, taking the nipple from her lips. “You know, I think I’m going to love babysitting you,” she smiled, bending down to kiss Stephanie on the forehead.
     Tears began to trickle down Stephanie’s face as she realized things would never be the same for her ever again. She blinked away the tears, looking up at Tammy and Eric, looming down over-top of her. The sheer helplessness of her situation overtook her; her bladder let loose signifying her utter dependence once and for all.
     “Oh, sweetheart,” Tammy said sympathetically. “You really are just a big baby now, aren’t you?
     She sobbed and nodded, even as she realized it was true. The person that she was when she arrived at the hotel no longer really existed. She would continue to make appearances, run the businesses’ and meet clients, but she was just a shell now.
     This is who I am, now, she thought as Tammy and Eric got her settled on the floor and gathered their supplies, getting everything ready for her first (but certainly not last) diaper change.
     The thought sent a bolt of erotic lightning through Stephanie.

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  1. Great story, always good to see a little payback