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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adult Diapers on the Kardashians

Don’t get too excited; the diaperee was not perennial Babes In Diapers favourite Kim, but her mother Kris Jenner. From Monsters and Critics:

Curvy Kim Kardashian and her sisters humiliated their mum in front of millions – by making her wear an adult diaper.
In the latest episode of their hit reality series – aired for the first time in the US today, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe made their 54-year-old mum Kris Jenner red-faced by demanding she wear adult nappies in their cars.
Khloe decided they had to bring up the issue after her mother wet herself while travelling with her to a concert.
To prevent her being caught short the sisters bought a pack of Depends - a US brand of adult nappies to manage incontinence.
The girls then demanded Kris wear the nappies when she travels in their cars.
Khloe told her sisters: 'She peed on herself, she was running and telling me 'Khloe I have to pee' and holding her vagina. I told her it's not my problem.
'So I bought Depends earlier, I think small to medium will fit her, but you guys have got to help me make her do it.'
Khloe then made an announcement in front of cameras and the whole Kardashian family, including younger siblings Robert Kardashian Jr and Kendall Jenner.
'I'm not going to do this, I don't want to wear a diaper,' said Kris.
But her protests fell on silent ears and she eventually caved into the pressure and tried on the diaper.

Not terribly exciting. However, it does conjure all sorts of possible ways for Ms. Jenner to exact revenge on her bitchy daughters, doesn’t it? We already know that the lovely, bubble-butted Kim loves to get spanked...

Video of the incident:

In other news, part one of my new story should be arriving soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Great thanks hope there is more to come on this this beats nearly all the sites on the diaper punishment issue i wonder if it can be reanacted with two of the girls holdig the older women down while the other puts th diaper on her. Great work thanks