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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silly Daddy... Or, The Brat's Ode

     My Daddy is so silly. He thinks just because he spanks my tushy, takes my temperature like a baby, and pins me in diapers when I’m naughty that he’s in control.
     Poor dear; he has no idea how much I secretly love the “baby” treatment. He thinks my “down time” makes me better behaved... Ha! If only he knew how often I misbehave on purpose, just so I can relish the feeling of being tugged across his lap and spanked till my ass burns, then powdered, oiled, and slapped in baby diapers, he’d know a better way to punish me would be to take away my pampers and make me act like a big girl.
          Daddy thinks I hate it when he takes my temperature. And from the way I kick and squeal when he yanks me across his lap, undoes my big, fluffy diaper, and sticks the cold, greasy glass tube up my butt, who could blame him? But the truth is I love everything about lying across his lap, helpless and nude, as he checks me out with his baby thermometer, making me tingle all over. Sometimes, I even pretend to be sick just so I can lay across his lap with my bare bottom stuck up in the air behind me, thermometer hanging out of my butt.
     Yes, sometimes I feel bad for poor Daddy. Keeping me in line (and in diapers) has become almost a fulltime job. Between changing my pampers and spanking my little buns to keep me in line, he hardly has any time left for himself anymore. Time once spent playing golf and hanging out with his buddies is now occupied with oiling and powdering my bottom and changing my diapers. Why, soon he’s going to have to devote all of his attention to his lovable big baby girl... which I’m sure he’s absolutely going to hate ;)
     Personally, I think Daddy’s going to be much happier taking care of me full-time, just you watch. He’ll play dollies or horsey or whatever I want, and if he doesn’t, well, baby might just have herself a big cry, one that can only be soothed by a daddies “special attentions.” He’ll feed me my bottle, my head nestled in the crook of his shoulder, and if I accidently pee my pants in his lap, I’ll be so embarrassed that he’ll have to be extra nice to me during my change.  And afterwards, when we snuggle up and he looks me in the eyes, he’ll realize just how much happier he is taking care of me.
     Yes, Daddy thinks he’s in control; but when I watch him watching me twitch my little diapered butt, I know who’s really calling the shots around here.
     And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s been almost half an hour since the last time I saw my daddy, and I think I need a little of his brand of special Tender Loving Care:
     “Oh, Daddy; I think I have a fever!”
  (Picture from ABhunnies.com)

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