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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: The Mix Up

As cute as Pampered Penny is and as adorable an adult baby as she makes, I think she’s even better in the dominant role, where she plays the very model of motherly efficiency; a maternal whirlwind that systematically strips beautiful young women of their adulthood and reduces them to diaper wearing babies. Watching her take control over the gorgeous young women in her charge using a combination of spanking, diapers, and sexual manipulation is truly a joy to behold.
     But the real joy of The Mix Up (available at clisp4sale) is in its dialogue. Pampered Penny videos, in my opinion, have some of the best dialogue in the business, and this entry is no different.
     When Governess Penny arrives at Samantha Grace's house, she is informed that there’s been a mistake; Samantha doesn’t even have kids. Never one to take no for an answer, Penny informs a stunned Samantha that she looks like she could use some maternal care herself, and quickly marches her into the bathroom. Stripping the hapless Samantha, Penny puts her in the tub for a sexy bath sequence before wrapping her in a towel and taking her into the bedroom. Laying her charge down on the bed, Penny gives Samantha a sensuous rubdown, massaging baby lotion into her entire body. When Samantha balks at being put back in diapers, Penny is forced to teach her a lesson she (or we) won’t soon forget.
     Let’s not mince words here: the spanking scene in The Mix Up is one of the best I’ve ever seen in an adult baby video. Penny tugs the struggling Samantha bare naked across her lap and administers a firm spanking that makes her bottom jiggle and wobble and turn a mouth-watering pink. But it isn’t the spanking itself that makes the scene; it’s the wonderful dialogue, and, more importantly, Penny’s spot on delivery, that make the video a must see.
     “This little bottom is never ever going to wear panties ever again. I’m here to take care of you now, and I don’t put little girls in panties,” she informs the squirming Samantha, who, for her part, can only kick and squeal as Penny robs her of her womanhood.  After this treatment, she seems almost relieved to find herself pinned into diapers and dressed like a two year old by her stern new nanny.
     Sexy and well produced, The Mix Up is one of the best adult baby videos I’ve ever seen. If you like seeing women dominated and put into diapers by other women, you should really check it out.

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  1. I totally agree with this review. Your comment about the dialogue is spot on.