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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


     I suppose the proper thing to do would be introduce myself. Start you off with a line or two of rambling drivel about my life, hobbies, interests, hopes, dreams etc. You know: maybe tell you something about myself, talk about this little corner of cyberspace I’ve got set up here, maybe tell a funny joke or two.
     But the truth is, I’m not very good at talking about myself. I think the content will probably speak for itself. So, in the spirit of not mincing words/cutting to the chase/(insert cliché here)  I guess I’ll just say this:
     I’m a writer. What I write would probably be described by many as ABDL erotic fiction focusing on women wearing (and sometimes wetting) diapers. However, in my pretension, I’d like to think of them as “diaper romances”: stories that emphasize the softer side of infantilism. My stories are predominantly consensual or semi-consensual.  Many of them feature spankings and other forms of light “discipline,” others don’t. I’d like to think that I focus on the more sensual side of infantilism, and I‘d like to (for the most part, anyway) concentrate on the women, their feelings and experiences.
     That’s the idea, anyway. Sometimes I drift.
     What was I saying?
     Oh yeah:
     I love women. I love being near them, I love spoiling and taking care of them. And I think the average woman, too, enjoys a little pampering sometimes:  letting go of all her responsibilities, laying back, and letting someone else take care of her for a while. Don’t get me wrong: I acknowledge that most women are more than able to take care of themselves and run their own lives.
     But, every once in a while, I think even the most empowered woman needs a little babying; needs to be treated like a beautiful, vulnerable angel. Needs to know exactly how much her man loves and cherishes her.
     And, while I can’t speak for every man, I know there are few things in this life I enjoy more than pampering a woman like the little princess she is. And if she should happen to need a little spanking on her bare bottom, she knows it hurts me more than her, and that I’ll always be extra generous with the oil and powder before I put her bratty little butt in a big, fluffy diaper.
     I’ve never kept a blog before, so please bare with me. Suggestions on formatting and the like are welcome and appreciated. Entries will probably be infrequent, so I’ll try to compensate by crafting them to the absolute best of my abilities.
     So here goes nothing. Drop me a line if you like what you see.
     Be seeing you,

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  1. I wish i had the brazen confidence to post my storie on my "real blog" but I just post them on diaperspace because it's the place where I won't get judged for it. I'm only 19 going 20 on thursday but I liked your blog