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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goo Goo Gaga 3: Mystery Solved?

(For those who haven't  seen part 1, click here)

The results of our first informal poll here at Babes In Diapers are in.


Is Lady Gaga’s red backside the result of:

A spanking        8 (17%)

Diaper Rash     15(31%)

Both                  14 (29%)

"It's just a pair of red panties, schmuck!"  1 (2%)

"Who Cares?! Do Katy Perry Next!!"       9 (19%)

Thanks to everyone who voted.
In honour of this occasion, I’ve sent the subject of our little poll a small gift in all of our names:

And attached to it the following card:

“To Lady Gaga:

Take care of those buns, beautiful!

From Your loving fans at Babes In Diapers”

Nothing a little lotion and some fresh air won’t cure.

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