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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First story: Kitten

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Kitten chewed her lip anxiously and stared across the room with eyes so big and round and blue that they seemed to glow in the dark. “I’m not sure about this...” she said with a shy smile. “I don’t know if I can go through with it...”
Regarding the perfect, little doll of a girl in front of me, her tiny, nervous voice quivering with dread and anticipation, I fought back a grin of my own and adopted a confident, reassuring tone: “It’s your choice, of course. I won’t pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. However, I will tell you that this is probably your best opportunity to explore your desires in a positive, nurturing environment. I think you owe it to yourself to follow through on these impulses... otherwise, you might regret it for the rest of your life. Besides,” I said, finally allowing myself a grin, “I think that you believe you need this on some level, isn’t that right?” I extended a hand toward her.
Chewing her finger with a naughty smile, she tentatively nodded in agreement and reached out toward me. “Bad girl,” she muttered under her breath, putting her tiny hand in mine.
Taking her small, perfectly formed digits into my large palm, I guided Kitten across my lap. Gently, but firmly, I held her in place, smiling as she twitched helplessly across my knee, a warm, nearly weightless little bundle. I began rubbing her bottom through her dress. “Oh, I don’t think you’re a bad girl, sweetheart,” I told her, taking the hem of her skirt and raising it slowly up her thighs, over her chubby butt , revealing her little lacy panties. I almost laughed: with their ruffles across the back and lace trim, they looked not unlike something a little girl would wear. I took a moment to caress and squeeze her little tushy, packaged up so nicely in her delightfully girlish panties. “Just a naughty one,” I said, landing the first spank sharply on her little bottom without warning, making her gasp. “A naughty little girl, in need of a little correction and guidance now and then,” I started off alternating four quick, sharp smacks over her panties with gentle rubbing and squeezing. “It’s a good thing you met someone who really cares about you, like I do,” I lectured in a half-serious tone, taking time to warm up her panties with four more spanks as I spoke. “Someone who cares enough to provide the boundaries and guidance you need.” I administered a slow, steady series of smacks, making her little bottom sting and jiggle.
Kitten squirmed on my lap, alternating tiny “Ooos”, “Ahs”, and “ouches” with the breathy giggles of a girl on the playground as her spanking continued. Ceasing abruptly, I resumed rubbing and patting her little buns, noticing with glee that the skin peeking out from under her panties was glowing pink. “Obviously, it brings me no joy to do this,” I said, just barely maintaining a straight face as I continued administering Kitten’s spanking. “But I just don’t think I could look myself in the mirror in the morning if I didn’t do my part to help you live up to your full potential,” I lectured, taking the waistband of her panties and pulled them down in one swift move, making Kitten kick and squeal as her bare bottom, glowing warmly from her spanking, was exposed to the room.
I stopped her kicking with a string of sharp spanks, then rubbed her bare butt cheeks gently, luxuriating in their soft, velvety firmness. Beneath me she purred sensuously, squirming her bottom on my lap in a manner that I suspected was only partially due to her hot, stinging rump. “Well, don’t you worry, sweetheart,” I told her, clapping my hand against her soft, jiggling flesh in a steady rhythm, increasing my pace as I spoke. “As long as I’m around, I’m going to do whatever it takes to help you be the best you can be.”
I continued to pepper her bare bottom with spanks until the warm pink had become a hot, glowing red, and I knew Kitten was reaching her limits. Slowing my swats, I took her to the edge of her tolerance, then stopped abruptly. With a relived groan, she sagged into my lap, her hips still twitching suggestively. Gently, I stroked her crimson backside and let her cool off a bit.
“Alright, young lady; get up,” I admonished gently, giving her reddened derriere a couple of firm pats as she rose to her feet. Cupping her backside with both hands, she began rubbing her buns, trying vainly to ease the sting. I gave her another minute or so to rub before rising to my feet.
“OK, sweetheart, time to get ready for bed.”
She shot me an apprehensive look. “I don’t know about this,” she said, shrinking back from me.
“It’s ok, sweetie,” I said. I crossed over to where she stood. With her dress hiked up to her mid back and her panties down to the top of her thighs, she kneaded and rubbed her sore tush like a petulant child. Standing before her, I bent down and kissed her forehead. Without a word, I turned her around and unzipped her dress slowly. Turning, she regarded me with eyes that blazed with a curious mixture of arousal, fear, desire, anxiety, lust and embarrassment as her dress slipped off her shoulders. It fell to the floor, revealing her full, bare breasts, and leaving her in nothing but shoes, panties, stockings and garters.
Bending down, I scooped the half-naked Kitten into my arms. She giggled and nestled against my chest as I carried her over to her bed and got her settled on her back. She stared, an anxious smile playing about her lips, as I bent down to remove her shoes. I took a moment to stroke her smooth thighs, the skin so white it looked as though it had never seen daylight, before I reached up and undid her garters. Holding her stocking foot with one hand, I tickled her toes playfully, making her shriek with laughter and convulse on the bed, before I peeled the stockings off.
Clad now only in her girly, lacy panties, Kitten blushed and smiled coyly and reached down with both hands to grip the waistband. Grinning, I took the leg bands in my hands and began to pull. A brief tug of war ensued, and I was forced to reach around and give her a light slap on her thigh. “Don’t make me spank you again, little lady,” I warned. Giggling, she released the waistband and allowed the panties to be drawn down her legs and off her feet leaving her totally bare. For a moment, I merely stood by and drank in her beauty, marvelling at her small, pale, perfectly formed body and the delicious, embarrassed/aroused grin on her lips.
“Turn over, honey bunny,” I instructed, and though she shot me a doubting look as she did, she rolled over onto her tummy and presented to me the pretty pink heart of her well-spanked bottom. She lifted her hips so I could slide a doubled-up pillow under her pelvis, elevating her beautiful backside into the air in front of me. It quivered, lovely and pink and nude, in the cool air. “Just relax, baby,” I murmured, bending down and planting a kiss on each bare, blushing cheek. She gave a gentle sigh and relaxed visibly, twitching her backside on the soft pillow as she settled herself in. Reaching into the bag I’d brought with me, I brought out a large container of baby oil. I squirted a fat line across her rump.
“Oooo!” She squealed as the cool liquid hit her hot buns, her lips a tight pink ‘o’. I placed my hands firmly on her backside and began massaging the oil in, squeezing and kneading her butt cheeks. I rubbed slowly, soothing the dull ache of her spanking, even as she began squirming sensuously on the bed. “Mmmm...” she murmured, thrusting her rump up into the air behind her. I watched in amazement as Kitten closed her eyes, absently took her thumb into her mouth and began sucking it urgently, cooing and sighing her ecstasy around the digit. “That’s a good girl,” I crooned, “just relax and let me take care of you.”
I gave her butt another squirt of oil, this time right down her crack. Slipping my hand between her smooth, velvety buns, I massaged the insides of her cheeks and the smooth expanse of her crack, tickling the adorable crinkle of her anus as I did, making her moan and press backward. Smiling, I gave her a light spank. “I think next time I’m going to have to bring my thermometer with me, aren’t I, honey?”
“MMM-hhhhmmmm,” came the dreamy answer.
“You are a naughty girl,” I laughed. I couldn’t resist giving her another spank before I reached down and felt between her legs. I smiled; Kitten was getting quite moist down there. It was time for the final phase.
It took me just a few moments to spread the towel out beside her. On it, I placed the large disposable diaper, exactly like a baby would wear, open and waiting.
“Turn over, honey,” I say, guiding her beautiful, bare bottom, glistening wetly, off the pillow and onto the towel. Kitten moaned as her well oiled tushy hit the thirsty seat of her diaper
“Hold still, baby,” I whispered. Taking her ankles, I lifted her legs back as easily as a real infant. I gave her a burst of powder on her rear-end and patted it in firmly. Kitten gave a breathy sigh and closed her eyes, as though it was too much for her. I watched with glee as her thumb found its way back into her mouth. Kitten had finally, truly let go, and I could practically feel her womanhood leaving her body as she regressed from a sophisticated young lady to a squirming infant in the body of a vivacious woman.
Lowering her legs, I sprinkled a dusting of powder across her ample breasts and took my time rubbing it in, much to Kitten’s delight. I put a small puff of powder in each armpit, tickling her a bit as I rubbed it in. She squealed and giggled and squirmed.
“Hold still honey,” I said, sprinkling a heavy dusting of powder across her privates. I took my time patting and rubbing it in, making careful note of Kittens reactions. I stroked and rubbed with increasing vigour, turning Kitten’s breathy giggles and sighs into urgent moaning. I teased and probed and caressed her, bringing her close to the edge before pulling back, making her groan and plead helplessly.
“Please.... please...” she whispered, a thin sheen of sweat glistening on her body.
“Please what?” I asked teasingly, slowing my movements to a near stop, making her moan and thrust her hips. “Please spank you again? Please put your little butt in diapers?” I said, picking up speed once again. “Please treat you like the naughty little girl you are?” Kitten could only groan wetly and grind against my hand at the thought. It was too much for her.
Lost in an ocean of pleasure, she exploded into orgasm with a breathy cry, squirming and writhing on the towel, her lust bubbling over and washing her away.
“Here we go, sweetheart,” I said, pulling the front panel up tight between her legs and sealing her in tight. “All snug... just like a little baby.”
“Uuuhhhhh,” she whimpered. Rolling onto her stomach, she stuck her diapered backside up in the air behind her and twitched it, apparently enjoying the feel of the soft material against her freshly spanked bottom. Smiling, I gave it a few friendly swats with my palm, making her squeal and chortle.
I bent down and gave her a long, smouldering kiss, savouring the taste of her, the delicious scent of her sweat mingling with the baby powder dusted across her body, the warmth of her small, pale, nude body against me.
“Ok, honey, “I told her, rising, “Bedtime.”
Kitten gave a groan of displeasure. Pouting, she threw herself flat on her tummy across the mattress and kicked her bare feet against the bed spread. “Nnnooo-ooo!” she whined.
“Yes,” I said firmly, giving her diapered bottom another good spank. “You turn over, young lady, so I can tuck you in. “
Huffing dramatically, she turned over and allowed me to pull the covers up over her. Taking a teddy bear from my bag, I passed it to Kitten, who snatched it away and clutched it to her bare chest.
I had to laugh: squeezing her stuffed bear to her chest and pouting at me petulantly from beneath the sheets, she looked like an overgrown preschooler, set to bed early after a spanking. Leaning in, I gave her a kiss on the forehead. “If you’re a good girl tomorrow, I‘ll let you stay up late with me. Won’t that be nice?” I asked. Kissing her quickly, I reached down and began rubbing her through the sheet, pressing the crinkly plastic padding of her diaper against her.
“MMMM-hhhmmmmm,” she whispered.
“Good girl.”
Abruptly, I stopped, making her cry out in frustration.
“Good night sweetie,” I said, stalking over to the door.
Sneaking one last peek over my shoulder, I saw Kitten pouting. Slipping a hand beneath the covers, I could see her begin working it below her waist urgently.
Smiling, I clicked off the light. “Sweet dreams, Kiddo,” I said, closing the door behind me.

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