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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Poll: Which Celebrity Would You Most Like To Diaper?

Which of these starlets would you most like to powder, diaper, and dress like a baby?

Scarlett Johansson
With her lovely, womanly figure and adorable, upturned nose, Scarlett is the kind of girl who was born to be an Adult Baby.

Megan Fox

Gorgeous features and a stunning body wrapped around a bratty, demanding attitude. She’d probably pout after you first spanked her, put her in a diaper, and dressed her like a baby, but I think all the coddling and attention would bring her around.

Kim Kardashian

C’mon; look me in the eye and tell me you’ve never fantasized about spanking that beautiful, spoiled backside and pinning it in pampers. Of all the girls on the list, ms. Kim may be most deserving of a little diaper downtime.

Katy Peary

She did so well on our last poll that I figured I may as well include her here too. Petite and sassy, I think diapers and a baby bonnet would suit her just fine.

January Jones

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with Betty Draper that couldn’t be solved with a good spanking and a little oil and powder for her sore, red tushy, followed by a big, fluffy diaper, and a nice nap.

Jessica Alba

I don’t know why, but she’s always struck me as the kind of girl who would enjoy a spanking, a diapering, and some coddling. What do you think?

The Polls are open now. Your votes are appreciated.
Stay tuned: I’m working on more content as we speak.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kate Hudson spanked in The Killer Inside Me

Just a quick spanking video. I really like this one: I love the way her butt jiggles, and the expressions she gets. It could only have been better if it had ended with Kate getting her chubby bottom powdered and slapped in a diaper!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: The Mix Up

As cute as Pampered Penny is and as adorable an adult baby as she makes, I think she’s even better in the dominant role, where she plays the very model of motherly efficiency; a maternal whirlwind that systematically strips beautiful young women of their adulthood and reduces them to diaper wearing babies. Watching her take control over the gorgeous young women in her charge using a combination of spanking, diapers, and sexual manipulation is truly a joy to behold.
     But the real joy of The Mix Up (available at clisp4sale) is in its dialogue. Pampered Penny videos, in my opinion, have some of the best dialogue in the business, and this entry is no different.
     When Governess Penny arrives at Samantha Grace's house, she is informed that there’s been a mistake; Samantha doesn’t even have kids. Never one to take no for an answer, Penny informs a stunned Samantha that she looks like she could use some maternal care herself, and quickly marches her into the bathroom. Stripping the hapless Samantha, Penny puts her in the tub for a sexy bath sequence before wrapping her in a towel and taking her into the bedroom. Laying her charge down on the bed, Penny gives Samantha a sensuous rubdown, massaging baby lotion into her entire body. When Samantha balks at being put back in diapers, Penny is forced to teach her a lesson she (or we) won’t soon forget.
     Let’s not mince words here: the spanking scene in The Mix Up is one of the best I’ve ever seen in an adult baby video. Penny tugs the struggling Samantha bare naked across her lap and administers a firm spanking that makes her bottom jiggle and wobble and turn a mouth-watering pink. But it isn’t the spanking itself that makes the scene; it’s the wonderful dialogue, and, more importantly, Penny’s spot on delivery, that make the video a must see.
     “This little bottom is never ever going to wear panties ever again. I’m here to take care of you now, and I don’t put little girls in panties,” she informs the squirming Samantha, who, for her part, can only kick and squeal as Penny robs her of her womanhood.  After this treatment, she seems almost relieved to find herself pinned into diapers and dressed like a two year old by her stern new nanny.
     Sexy and well produced, The Mix Up is one of the best adult baby videos I’ve ever seen. If you like seeing women dominated and put into diapers by other women, you should really check it out.

Goo Goo Gaga 3: Mystery Solved?

(For those who haven't  seen part 1, click here)

The results of our first informal poll here at Babes In Diapers are in.


Is Lady Gaga’s red backside the result of:

A spanking        8 (17%)

Diaper Rash     15(31%)

Both                  14 (29%)

"It's just a pair of red panties, schmuck!"  1 (2%)

"Who Cares?! Do Katy Perry Next!!"       9 (19%)

Thanks to everyone who voted.
In honour of this occasion, I’ve sent the subject of our little poll a small gift in all of our names:

And attached to it the following card:

“To Lady Gaga:

Take care of those buns, beautiful!

From Your loving fans at Babes In Diapers”

Nothing a little lotion and some fresh air won’t cure.

Monday, August 23, 2010


     Though it was still unseasonably warm for late September, Sadie still felt a chill as she walked across the practice field in the muggy air. It was deserted—the season wouldn’t begin for another week or so.  School had just ended, and though she usually felt carefree by this point in the afternoon, today her stomach fluttered nervously as she walked across the grass.
     She tried to calm herself, taking deep breaths, but when she thought back to the e-mail she’d received last night...
     Tugging down her skirt, she hurried across the lawn. The e-mail had said to go to the park out behind the gym building. That is, if she wanted to keep her secret...
     Sadie wracked her brain, trying to think of who could have sent that e-mail; who would want to do this to her? She was nobody: pretty but shy, bright, well-liked (while hardly the most popular girl in school, she admitted). She’d never had any major rivals or enemies, her parents weren’t rich...The fact that she could think of no possible reason for this blackmail just worried her even more.
     Turns out it was someone she’d never suspected, or even spoken to before. Victor had moved to town just a few months before school ended last year. Sadie didn’t know much about him; he spoke with a slight but distinctive accent, and she’d heard his parents had money. But he was quiet, reserved. He didn’t talk much and didn’t mix with the other students.
       There was a blanket spread out on the ground. Victor sat cross legged on it, a small basket and cooler next to him. Something about the way he sat reminded her of holy man or guru.
     “Victor ?” she said, still surprised.
     “In the flesh,” he grinned.
     “You sent that e-mail?” She was still stunned.
     He looked sheepish. “Oh… Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Look, I just wanted to see you, that’s all.” He looked up at her. “I didn’t mean to freak you out.”
     “You didn’t ‘freak me out,’” she said defensively, “I just don’t appreciate…”
     “Look, you have every right to be mad, but, please, just let me explain…”
      “Oh yes, please do explain the secret meaning of the e-mail reading ‘I know your secret’ you saw fit to send me last night,” she demanded.
      Sighing, he patted the blanket. “Come and sit.”
     Reluctantly, she settled down on the blanket. “Well?”
     “Let’s eat first.” He opened the basket. “Would you like peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese?”
      She stared at him. “Are you serious?!” But she could tell from his look that he was. “Peanut butter, I guess,” she said finally, snatching the sandwich when it was offered.
     Victor opened the cooler. “Coke? Root Beer? Cream Soda?”
     Sadie wondered for a moment if she’d wandered into some weird dream. “Cream soda,” she said, finally giving into the strangeness of the situation.
     Victor grinned as he handed it over. “You know, I thought that’s what you’d say.”
     Sadie felt a smile coming on as she took the bottle from him. She fought it back, twisting it into a glare. “Do you always have to blackmail girls into having lunch with you?”
     “Just the very pretty ones,” he said, not missing a beat.
     This time, she couldn’t fight back her smile.  “Humph. Well, I guess you bought yourself a lunch with that line,” she said, taking a bite of her sandwich.
     They sat, ate, and chatted. Sadie was surprised at how funny and charming Victor could be. By the time she’d finished her sandwich and was most of the way through her cream soda, she’d visibly relaxed, and was actually enjoying the outing. But the question still nagged in the back of her head, and pretty soon, Sadie couldn’t contain her curiosity anymore.
     “Victor,” she said quietly, “why did you bring me here?”
     “Would you really like to know?” He asked. With his forefinger, he began tracing small circles on the skin just above her knee. She stiffened, but allowed it.
     “Yes, please.”
     Victor sighed. “Alright, I’ll tell you.”
     Locking his eyes on her, he leaned in very close. Sadie’s heart throbbed in her chest, but she held her ground. Soon, his cheek was pressed to hers, his lips right next to her ear. “I want to see it,” he whispered.
     She pulled back, giving him a look. “See… what?”
     “You know,” he said with a grin, nodding toward Sadie’s skirt.
     Her mouth dropped open, her cheeks coloring pink when she realized what he was saying. “Why?” she asked.
     He shrugged. “Call me curious.”
     “What do you need to see it for?” she snapped. “Is this a joke? A dare? Something to laugh about with your stupid friends, is that it?”
     “No,” he said firmly. He took her hand, kissed the back. “When I heard the… rumors, knew I’d never, ever see another happy day in my life if I couldn’t see it with my own two eyes.” He looked at her. “I have to see you, really see you. I have to be near you. Let me see it. Just once. Let me see it and I promise you’ll never have to see me again.”
     She stared at him, struggling to process what she’d just heard. She had no idea why, but she felt a stab of sadness at the thought of never seeing him again. On the other hand, she had serious doubts about this whole situation. “Rumors? That’s why you brought me all the way out here? What makes you…” she paused, unable to stifle a smile as she tried to find exactly the right words. “What makes you so damn sure I’m wearing anything interesting under my skirt?”
     He shrugged. “I have a right to hope, don’t I? Besides,” he said, stroking her thigh, “If you don’t have a secret, why bother coming out to meet me in the first place?”
     Damn, she thought. He’s got me there.
     “Do you promise you won’t tell anyone?”
     “I won’t tell anyone, I swear.”
     She looked at him, wanting to believe. A nervous tickle radiated out from her lower back through her entire body, filling her limbs with a cool tingling.  She felt weightless. She didn’t want to-- fear was eating at her stomach lining, and for a moment she felt as though she would faint. But she felt, somewhere, a compulsion. She had to show him… had to be completely vulnerable. She felt like the only way to regain any control of the situation was to place herself totally at his mercy.
     Rising to her knees on the blanket, she took hold of the hem of her skirt. Locking eyes with him, she hesitantly lifted the black fabric over her waistline, revealing the thick, ruffled, adult pull-up beneath.  Looking up to see Victor staring at her in her diaper, she felt a nightmarish vertigo. Casting her eyes downward, she managed to steady herself and maintain verticality, at least for the moment.
     She looked up again, found Victor staring into her with his cool blue eyes. Sadie’s heart somersaulted as he took her hand and began kissing it softly. “I’ve never seen such a perfect, vulnerable, little angel in my life,” he murmured, kissing up her arm to her shoulder, moving on slowly to the nape of her neck. “What a beautiful, fragile creature you are,” he whispered, touching the thickly padded crotch of her diaper.  Sadie gasped and shivered. Inside, she was melting like a candle. The vertigo returned; her legs quivered, and she was forced to sit back on her rump. Victor eased her fall, moved into position so smoothly it seemed like second nature, and kissed her lips, tasting small hints of peanut butter and cream soda. She felt a hand pressing her chest, and reclined slowly, until she lay stretched out on her back, blazing hair fanned out above her, gleaming in the afternoon light. Her skirt was bunched up above her waist, amply revealing her diaper beneath.
     She reached to hike it down, but Victor took her wrists and pinned them to the ground above her. “But… what if someone sees?” she asked with a shy smile, peering around nervously.  Victor just smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Sadie took deep breaths, trying to calm herself. She laid in the hot sun for what seemed like hours, enjoying Victor’s kisses, his murmured endearments, and the quiet, gentle way he took control. It was as though time had slipped away and she could live in this perfect moment forever.
     But it wasn’t long before she felt her bladder beginning to fill. Cursing the cream soda she’d gulped down earlier, she pressed her thighs together and struggled to hold out; she could do it for now, but she knew that it was a losing battle.
     She held it for as long as she could, but finally she reached the point of no return; she knew she either had to find a bathroom now or wet her diaper in front of her new romantic interest. “Victor? You have to stop, I gotta go.”
     “Go where?” he said teasingly, running a finger along the elastic gathers of the leg bands of her diaper.
    “You know,” she said, a blush spreading across her face. “The bathroom,” she urged quietly.
     “So? Go,” he said, nibbling her ear.
     “Are you crazy?!” she laughed. She began to struggle half seriously. Taking her wrists, Victor pinned her to the ground, gently increasing his weight on top of her.
     “It’s ok, sweetie,” he said. “I’m here to take care of you.”
     She struggled and squirmed and resisted as best she could, but it wasn’t long before  Sadie began wetting her pampers, first in little, controlled squirts, hoping to relieve the pressure, then, finally, in a long, involuntary gush that left her soaked.
     “Did you have an accident, baby?” he murmured.
     “Accident?! You wouldn’t let me—“
     “Hush,” He said, cutting her off with a kiss.
     Below him, Sadie squirmed—but not because she wanted to escape.
     “Come on, sweetie,” Victor said, pulling her to her up on wobbly legs.
    Taking her hand, he ushered her toward the gym building. The old building was in the process of being renovated, but the school had run into some funding problems, and the work was still incomplete. It had been shut down until the repairs were finished, but the way things were going, it didn’t look like that would be any time soon.
     Victor took a key from his pocket, unlocked the back door and opened it. “After you,” he gestured, ushering Sadie along with a firm swat on her diapered backside. Gasping, she shot him a mischievous look over her shoulder as she hurried inside. “Are we even supposed to be here?” she asked.
     “Not technically, no. Coach Behan gave me the key and told me to keep an eye on it, make sure everything was ok until it could be reopened.” He led her toward the office. “Here we go.”
     Inside, the room had a full bathroom and was fully furnished (including a plush leather couch that looked pretty comfortable to Sadie).
     She gasped and shivered as she felt Victor put his arms around her. Before she knew what was happening, he’d unzipped her skirt and tugged it down over her hips, leaving her diaper exposed beneath her shirt-tails. She spun and looked into his face, questioningly.
     “I’ll be right back,” he said with a grin. Spinning quickly, he stalked out the door, leaving Sadie alone in her soaked diaper.
     “Victor!” she called after him, but he was already gone. Shifting nervously from foot to foot, Sadie tried not to think about the possibility that Victor had simply left her to walk home alone in nothing but a soaking wet diaper. She pressed her thighs together with a squish. Her pamper was beginning to get cold and clammy. She felt faint as she thought about having to walk back to her house, totally exposed, her soggy diaper squishing between her legs, stained bright yellow and announcing to the world what a helpless little baby she was…
     The door opened suddenly, making her jump. Victor returned, carrying a couple of towels, some soap, and a few washcloths. After a quick kiss he turned her around. “C’mon—into the bathroom sweetie,” he said, giving her soggy backside another swat. Giggling, she hurried into the bathroom, followed by Victor.
     He set up shop at the sink, using the soap to get a lather going on the washcloth. Raising his eyebrows expectantly, he moved toward her. “Assume the position, baby,” he murmured gently, turning her around and bending her over the tub. He took hold of her diaper. In one, swift move, he had it tugged down and off her legs. Sadie shivered; standing there, bare ass presented to him, helpless and quivering, she felt almost sick with embarrassment and arousal. Slowly, he pressed the warm, soapy washcloth between her legs.
     For what felt like an eternity (but in actuality was less than ten minutes), Sadie could only sigh and moan contentedly. Victor cleaned her gently and thoroughly, first soaping her pelvis, then her pussy, her butt-cheeks, and finally her sensitive little anus.  He took the second cloth, also deliciously warm and soft, and rinsed her. By the time he’d finished, she was fresh and clean, her skin wonderfully pink.
     Victor took one of the towels and began to dry her. Sadie swooned, the conflicting feelings and emotions inside her threatening to overwhelm her.
     Taking another towel, he led her into the main office. Sadie stood by quietly and watched him spread the towel out on the couch. “Where’s your spare?” he asked. “In your bag?”
     She nodded.
     “Ok,” he said, patting the towel, “lay down.”
     She did, grateful to get off her feet.
     She relaxed on the couch, still bare from the waist down. She didn’t care anymore. The way she felt right now, clean, relaxed, and tingling pleasantly all over, was the most wonderful sensation she’d ever had.
     Victor re-appeared above her. “Time for a fresh diaper, little girl,” he whispered quietly, making her shiver.  He took up a position between her legs. “What a pretty little pussy you have,” he said with a wolfish grin, bending down to kiss it. Moaning, Sadie struggled to spread her legs as wide as they’d go, leaving herself as open as possible. Victor took the invitation gladly, nibbling and kissing and licking. She giggled and squealed. It was the first time anyone had ever done this to her, and it wasn’t long before she couldn’t contain herself any longer. It was as though an elastic inside of her was being coiled up tighter and tighter, the tension building until…
   Beautiful, blissful release: all at once, every muscle in her body tightened as hard as it could, then relaxed, making her feel as though she were melting. She squeaked her ecstasy breathlessly, writhing on the towel.
     She lay back, exhausted. Beneath her blouse, her bosom heaved as she tried to regain her breath.
     She felt Victor take her ankles. “Lift your legs, honey,” he said, helping her raise them into position so he could diaper her. She groaned as she felt him slip the diaper over her feet and tug it up her legs. He pulled it over her thighs, and Sadie rolled back, raising her entire bottom into the air. She shivered as she imagined the sight she was presenting Victor with, cold embarrassment meeting hot arousal head on as he pulled her pamper over up her thighs and over her pale bottom.
     Clad in nothing but a diaper and her blouse, she looked up at Victor regarding her from above, unable to keep a broad smile from her face. Sadie couldn’t remember ever feeling more content.  He bent down and kissed her on the forehead before helping her to her feet. Squatting, he had her step into her skirt, pulled it up her legs and zipped it up again.
     “That was wonderful,” she said, leaning against him.
     “Oh? Does this mean you’re going to start texting me every time you need a change? ‘Dear daddy; baby made wetums in her didie…’”
     “Shut up,” she scolded humorously, giving his arm a little punch. “That ‘accident’ was all your fault anyway. I’m not even supposed to go in these things, you know. They’re just in case I can’t make it…”
    “Well,” he said, giving her a quick kiss, “my prediction is that you’re not going to be able to make it a lot more often from now on.”
     She blushed a bit. “Maybe…” she conceded quietly.
     He put his arm around her. “Can I walk you home, little girl?” he asked, resting his hand on her diapered backside. Sadie shivered as he gave her ruffled, plastic-clad bottom a squeeze.
     “Seems like the least you could do,” she said with a smile.
     Taking her hand, he led her down the hall and back outside, locking the door behind him.

(Picture originally from Clare Fonda’s SexyDiaperGirls.com. To see my review of Clare’s paysite, Naughty Diaper Girls, click here.)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Unhappily Ever After Diaper Scene

Here by popular request: video of Niki Cox in diapers on Unhappily Ever After. Let's see how long it's up before it gets pulled.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silly Daddy... Or, The Brat's Ode

     My Daddy is so silly. He thinks just because he spanks my tushy, takes my temperature like a baby, and pins me in diapers when I’m naughty that he’s in control.
     Poor dear; he has no idea how much I secretly love the “baby” treatment. He thinks my “down time” makes me better behaved... Ha! If only he knew how often I misbehave on purpose, just so I can relish the feeling of being tugged across his lap and spanked till my ass burns, then powdered, oiled, and slapped in baby diapers, he’d know a better way to punish me would be to take away my pampers and make me act like a big girl.
          Daddy thinks I hate it when he takes my temperature. And from the way I kick and squeal when he yanks me across his lap, undoes my big, fluffy diaper, and sticks the cold, greasy glass tube up my butt, who could blame him? But the truth is I love everything about lying across his lap, helpless and nude, as he checks me out with his baby thermometer, making me tingle all over. Sometimes, I even pretend to be sick just so I can lay across his lap with my bare bottom stuck up in the air behind me, thermometer hanging out of my butt.
     Yes, sometimes I feel bad for poor Daddy. Keeping me in line (and in diapers) has become almost a fulltime job. Between changing my pampers and spanking my little buns to keep me in line, he hardly has any time left for himself anymore. Time once spent playing golf and hanging out with his buddies is now occupied with oiling and powdering my bottom and changing my diapers. Why, soon he’s going to have to devote all of his attention to his lovable big baby girl... which I’m sure he’s absolutely going to hate ;)
     Personally, I think Daddy’s going to be much happier taking care of me full-time, just you watch. He’ll play dollies or horsey or whatever I want, and if he doesn’t, well, baby might just have herself a big cry, one that can only be soothed by a daddies “special attentions.” He’ll feed me my bottle, my head nestled in the crook of his shoulder, and if I accidently pee my pants in his lap, I’ll be so embarrassed that he’ll have to be extra nice to me during my change.  And afterwards, when we snuggle up and he looks me in the eyes, he’ll realize just how much happier he is taking care of me.
     Yes, Daddy thinks he’s in control; but when I watch him watching me twitch my little diapered butt, I know who’s really calling the shots around here.
     And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s been almost half an hour since the last time I saw my daddy, and I think I need a little of his brand of special Tender Loving Care:
     “Oh, Daddy; I think I have a fever!”
  (Picture from ABhunnies.com)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Babes In Bonnets

I’m not sure what it is about bonnets, but for me, they complete the adult baby look, making even the most mature of grown women look like overgrown infants.

I’m not sure where this fixation comes from. Strangely enough, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual baby bonnet in real life. But somewhere in my childhood, baby bonnets, along with pin-up cloth diapers, became linked with older people reduced to the level of babies (probably a sad commentary on how much of my sexuality was formed by TV, and especially cartoons). Here’s Niki Cox and her fellow sorority sisters reduced to bonnets, diapers and full baby regalia on Unhappily Ever After:

It’s the crowning touch; that one last thing that lets her know that her womanhood is gone, leaving her nothing but a big baby; announcing her helpless dependence to the world.

Pout all you want, princess. You’re a baby for real now!

(All photos copyright their respective owners. I do not claim ownership of any of these pictures and I don’t post them for personal profit.)

Friday, August 6, 2010

GooGoo GaGa part two: Dreams Come True?

     Yesterday, I posted a little fantasy about pop-music Mega-Sensation Lady Gaga. You can find it here. Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait.
     OK. Now: picture my surprise when, today, I checked out one of my favourite spanking forums and saw:

     So naturally I clicked and found:

     Just a pair of red panties under see-through pants, right? That’s what I thought, too. But then one of the other posters offered this analysis:
"After close examination:

no panties - she is wearing a thong.

It does not look like the results of a spanking either though.
The shape of the red does not fit. Especially it's just on the inner side of her buttocks and it has a very straight top line. It's not a rash either because that wouldn't have such a straight top line either.
A mystery!

Here's my proof - magnified, contrast and brightness massively manipulated:"

     The original poster, on the other hand, seemed convinced the red marks are either the result of a spanking or diaper rash. What do you think? Take our poll now.
     And so, dear readers, I now put to you the following question:
     Is your humble narrator in possession of supernatural abilities that have gone totally unnoticed until this moment, or is it mere coincidence? Am I precognitive, telepathic, or merely a pervert with impeccable timing? You decide.
     And for the record, I was nowhere near that club  on the date in question!

A couple of videos

These are two "enhanced" videos from you tube I thought people might like. First, from Terminator 3, we have The Terminatrix, Kristanna Loken, taking fashion advice from a Tena Billboard:

Next, from That 70's Show, some insensitive idiot reveals to the neighbourhood that his girlfriend wears diapers:


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kim Kardashian Loves Being Spanked!

All well and good, but I wonder how she’d feel about a big, fluffy diaper to go over her beautiful, spanked bottom?

Update: fixed video.

Goo Goo Gaga

I don’t know very much about Lady Gaga. My knowledge of contemporary pop music being only slightly more extensive than my expertise on quantum mechanics (I.E. practically non-existent), I honestly doubt I could pick a Lady Gaga song out of an audio line-up if my life depended on it. In fact, everything I know about the woman dubbed by Rolling Stone “the first lady of the dance floor” can be summed up in two points:
1: She often seems to appear in the media on a regular basis for “shocking” behaviour totally unrelated to her music.
2: Almost every time I see her, she’s wearing something that leaves her butt prominently exposed:

     Adopting an outrageous, “naughty girl” persona, she struts through the media landscape like an overgrown toddler, attracting as much attention to herself as possible with behaviour only a two year old would deem appropriate.
     And I know that it’s at least partially media savvy: the recording industry isn’t what it used to be, after all, and Gaga seems to be at the forefront of a new kind of celebrity; her music’s not the product, she is. So, as a result, her career becomes less a matter of pumping out hit singles and more a matter of staying in the spotlight, getting her brand out there, and keeping her name on everyone’s mind by any means necessary.
    But that doesn’t stop my mind from wandering...
     I imagine meeting her at a posh party in Paris. Taking her back to my room at the hotel, I kiss and caress her slowly, placing my entire focus on her: her beautiful, womanly body, her arousal, getting her more excited than she’s ever been. And just when I’ve got her trembling with excitement and anticipation, I take her over my knee and spank her in whatever ridiculous contraption she’d strapped herself into to show off her beautiful, unblemished buns that day. Not too long or too hard-- just enough to make her legs scissor and flail and turn her delectable backside all pink and make it sting a bit. When I finish, I kiss each cheek and rub it better, praising her for being such a good girl.
     I peel her clothes off, slowly, savouring every inch of her. After laying her back on the bed, all pink and nude and lovely, I make love to her tenderly, focusing my attention once more on her pleasure, eagerly taking her past the point of no return.
     And finally, when it’s  over, as she lay spent and exhausted in the cool evening air, reclining on the bed and basking in the warm afterglow, I take her feet, lift her legs, and slip a big, fluffy diaper under her wonderful, curvy backside.
     “Hey,” she protests, still groggy with desire, “what’re you doing?!”
     “Hush,” I say, giving one of her bare, up-turned cheeks a spank. “I’ve got to get you ready for bed.”
     “But I don’t need a diaper!” she protests with a laugh as I bend her legs back once more to put some powder on her full, round butt cheeks.
    “Oh no?” I ask with a grin, patting the powder into her plump derriere, still pink from its spanking. “You’re a big girl, is that what you’re telling me?”
     “Yes!” she laughs, squirming with delight at the attention I’m paying her bottom.
      “Is that what big girls do?” I ask, “Walk around with their tushies hanging out like a big ‘spank me’ sign dangling around their necks? Act like spoilt little brats who need a diaper change and a nap?”
    She blushes furiously. “Hey, that... I... you...” she stammers, her cheeks going as pink as her butt when she realizes I’m right.
     “I think you’ve needed this for a long time,“  I tell her, sealing her into her fluffy cloth diaper. “I think you just need a little coddling. I think a girl like you, who craves attention like a junkie, is desperate to be babied a little, right?”
     Looking up from her pampered loins, she pouts at me. “Maybe,” she concedes in a small voice, “but this is taking it too far! I’m a grown woman, a respected artist, and I don’t need a diaper,” she declares proudly,  squaring her shoulders and thrusting out her chest.
     “Hush, sweetie,” I say gently, pushing a pacifier into her mouth.  Gaga sits quietly, watching with large eyes from behind her soother as I take a big bonnet and a pair of plastic panties from my bag. I pull the panties up her legs and over her diapers, giving her well padded rump a nice pat. “Hold still, baby,” I say, tying the frilly bonnet under her chin, completing her transformation.
     Taking a step back to admire my handy work, I can’t help but laugh: the beautiful, saucy young lady who graces the covers of newspapers and magazines around the world has been systematically stripped of her adulthood, and reduced to the level of a petulant child, pouting from under her baby bonnet and behind her pacifier, her designer clothes replaced with a thick cotton diaper and crinkly plastic pants.
   “C’mon, sweetie,” I say, taking her hand and helping her to her feet. I lead her across the room, her bare feet padding lightly on the carpet, plastic pants crinkling the whole way as she waddles behind me. In the bathroom, I turn her to face the full length mirror so she can get the best possible look at herself.
     Behind her soother, she gasps, unable to reconcile the infantilized image of herself presented in the mirror, the plastic pacifier, frilly bonnet, thick diaper and crinkly plastic pants providing a screaming counterpoint to her shapely, womanly figure. She stares, hypnotized, unable to take her eyes off the reflection. Her face goes redder and redder, but her expression remains calmly inquisitive, as though she were watching someone else being paraded around dressed like a two year old.
     She turns from the mirror, watching me with doe-eyed confusion. Padding over, she wraps her arms around me and buries her face in my chest, not knowing what else to do. I scoop her up in my arms effortlessly and carry her back to the bedroom. Laying her on the bedspread, I give her a kiss before getting up and heading over to the mini-bar. I take out a bottle of milk, nice and cool for a warm summer’s night.
     On the bed, Gaga alternately watches me preparing her midnight snack and plucking at the waistband of her plastic pants. “This can’t be happening,” she whispers.
     Crossing over, I take a seat on the bed. Turning to her, I pat my lap. “C’mon, sweetie.” She stares at me, disbelieving for a moment, before she turns and reclines, resting her head in my lap. “There’s a good girl,” I say, stroking her temple. Gently, I push the rubber nipple into her mouth, meeting only a little resistance. Locking her eyes on mine, she begins sucking, reluctantly at first, then with more enthusiasm.  “Good girl,” I tell her quietly, watching the milk go down.
     Two-thirds of the way through, Gaga stops sucking abruptly, locking her pretty eyes on mine. “Sweetie? What’s wrong?” I ask, worried.
     My question is immediately answered by a loud hissing below, accompanied with the sound of a stream of water bouncing off a solid surface. Gaga’s face goes red, and  I know immediately that she’s wetting her diaper.
     When the sounds stop, I reach down and pat the front of her pamper. “Awww,” I say, stroking her cheek, “did you have an accident, honey?”
     Looking up at me, she nods shyly.
     “Poor baby,” I whisper, bending down to kiss her forehead. “Don’t worry, sweetheart,” I say, putting the nipple back between her lips, “I’ll get you changed just as soon as you’re finished your bottle.”
     She gives me a look of shock, but still continues sucking her bottle. Sticking my hand down the front of her plastic pants, I found her pampers positively soaked.  “You’re so wet, baby,” I murmur as she neared the end of her bottle. Pressing down on her diaper, I begin rubbing the soaking material against her. Gaga groans in response, thrusting her pelvis urgently against my palm. The situation overwhelms her: the spanking, the diapers, the milk, and the wetting, combine with my rubbing, takes her over the edge. She has a screaming, convulsing orgasm on my lap, then lies back, spent.
     “Good girl,” I say, bending down to kiss her again. “Let’s get that wet diaper changed, ok, sweetie?” I ask, helping her off my lap and onto the bed.
     “MMM-hhmm,” she purrs, settling in on her back and lying perfectly still, like a baby on the edge of sleep.
     Taking the materials from my bag, I strip her quickly, leaving her naked but for her baby bonnet. I can’t resist the urge to tickle her tummy, making her squeal and writhe and flop on the bed. “Hold still,” I admonish, taking her legs  and lifting her bottom into the air so I can slip a diaper under her. In moments, I have her oiled, powdered, and snugly pinned into diapers and plastic pants once more.
     Taking her hands, I pull her into a sitting position and admire her. In her diapers, plastic pants, and baby bonnet, she looks just like an overgrown toddler. “Ok, baby,” I say, pulling back the sheet, “bedtime.” Gaga pouts, but hastily complies at the threat of another spanking. Tucking her in I lean in and whisper in her ear.
     “Oh, come on,” she whines.
     “It’s ok, sweetie,” I say, taking her hand and kissing it. “Say it. C’mon—you can do it.”
     Locking eyes with mine, she stares for a long moment, and I begin to think she’s not going to say it. But then, from between quivering lips, she says shyly:
     “Goo goo gaga.” 
     Her cheeks go red hot as I lean in for a goodnight kiss. “Good girl,” I say. Rising from the bed, I turn to leave the room, clicking off the lights as I go.

 Update: Fiction crossing over into reality? You be the judge! Goo Goo Gaga Part two.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review: Naughtydiapergirls.com

Like many of you, I’ve been a big fan of Clare Fonda’s work for some time now. For my money, she produces bar none the best F/F domestic discipline videos in the business. SpankedSweeties.com and GirlSpanksGirl.com are still two of the best sites out there, but my favourite was the now defunct Kara Prepare Yourself (If I’m not mistaken, you can still see the archives of that site over at spankedcallgirls.com). Clare’s recurring character, Aunt Gwen, is the living embodiment of the over-baring matriarch: a woman whose devotion to the grown girls in her charge is so profound, she’ll casually perform any number of invasive and/or embarrassing procedures—anything from spankings to rectal temperature taking to suppositories—all in the name of “doing what’s best for them.” The fact that they’re far too old for these treatments never dissuades her for a moment from spanking a girl, sticking a thermometer up her butt, and sending her to bed like a six year old. Gwen’s over-the-top dedication to the health and well-being of her niece, her daughter, their friends, enemies, co-workers, and nearly every other pretty girl she comes across is definitely three steps over the line of appropriate, and watching her administer these highly embarrassing punishments and procedures to the fully grown young women is a pleasure.
So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that Clare has a thing for diapers. And after gradually incorporating them into the storylines in Kara Prepare Yourself, she opened a site dedicated entirely to girls in diapers. I’ve been a member of Naughty Diaper Girls for about a year now, and I love it. It’s got almost everything you could want out of a pay site: beautiful women (Kay Richards, Paris Kennedy, Mina Meow, Mika Tan and many more) often subjected to spankings and temperature takings before being put into pampers. The site offers a variety of scenarios beyond standard diaper punishments (some of my favourites: Lilly Ann getting busted in pampers by her boss (Clare), Tina Tink shyly revealing her night time diapers to her overly curious roommate, and, more recently, when Clare had the tables turned on her and wound up being diapered herself by one of her victims).
One minor quibble: the site uses mostly store bought, depend-type “pull-ups”, and occasionally the tape-up disposables. Perfectly fine with me; I would, however, love to see Clare branch out and occasionally use the big, old-style cotton diapers (I especially like those ones with the Velcro tabs on Adult Baby Source). I’d kind of like to see more AB paraphernalia in general in these videos, but that doesn’t really seem to be Clare’s thing, and since the site isn’t suffering for it, I can’t penalize it too harshly. It doesn’t really matter to me, but I could see where it could frustrate some people.
And Clare looks great in a diaper, too.


(Update: In the months since I first posted this review, Naughty Diaper Girls has really upped the AB paraphernalia content on their site. New videos feature pacifiers, teething rings, bottles, and  even an over sized crib. Clare has even branched out into new brands of diapers (ABU Cushies if anyone cares) that look exactly like real baby disposables sized for adults. Still no cloth diapers (damnit!) but even still, this is a great site for anyone into sexy diaper girls.)

First story: Kitten

Please let me know what you think.


Kitten chewed her lip anxiously and stared across the room with eyes so big and round and blue that they seemed to glow in the dark. “I’m not sure about this...” she said with a shy smile. “I don’t know if I can go through with it...”
Regarding the perfect, little doll of a girl in front of me, her tiny, nervous voice quivering with dread and anticipation, I fought back a grin of my own and adopted a confident, reassuring tone: “It’s your choice, of course. I won’t pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. However, I will tell you that this is probably your best opportunity to explore your desires in a positive, nurturing environment. I think you owe it to yourself to follow through on these impulses... otherwise, you might regret it for the rest of your life. Besides,” I said, finally allowing myself a grin, “I think that you believe you need this on some level, isn’t that right?” I extended a hand toward her.
Chewing her finger with a naughty smile, she tentatively nodded in agreement and reached out toward me. “Bad girl,” she muttered under her breath, putting her tiny hand in mine.
Taking her small, perfectly formed digits into my large palm, I guided Kitten across my lap. Gently, but firmly, I held her in place, smiling as she twitched helplessly across my knee, a warm, nearly weightless little bundle. I began rubbing her bottom through her dress. “Oh, I don’t think you’re a bad girl, sweetheart,” I told her, taking the hem of her skirt and raising it slowly up her thighs, over her chubby butt , revealing her little lacy panties. I almost laughed: with their ruffles across the back and lace trim, they looked not unlike something a little girl would wear. I took a moment to caress and squeeze her little tushy, packaged up so nicely in her delightfully girlish panties. “Just a naughty one,” I said, landing the first spank sharply on her little bottom without warning, making her gasp. “A naughty little girl, in need of a little correction and guidance now and then,” I started off alternating four quick, sharp smacks over her panties with gentle rubbing and squeezing. “It’s a good thing you met someone who really cares about you, like I do,” I lectured in a half-serious tone, taking time to warm up her panties with four more spanks as I spoke. “Someone who cares enough to provide the boundaries and guidance you need.” I administered a slow, steady series of smacks, making her little bottom sting and jiggle.
Kitten squirmed on my lap, alternating tiny “Ooos”, “Ahs”, and “ouches” with the breathy giggles of a girl on the playground as her spanking continued. Ceasing abruptly, I resumed rubbing and patting her little buns, noticing with glee that the skin peeking out from under her panties was glowing pink. “Obviously, it brings me no joy to do this,” I said, just barely maintaining a straight face as I continued administering Kitten’s spanking. “But I just don’t think I could look myself in the mirror in the morning if I didn’t do my part to help you live up to your full potential,” I lectured, taking the waistband of her panties and pulled them down in one swift move, making Kitten kick and squeal as her bare bottom, glowing warmly from her spanking, was exposed to the room.
I stopped her kicking with a string of sharp spanks, then rubbed her bare butt cheeks gently, luxuriating in their soft, velvety firmness. Beneath me she purred sensuously, squirming her bottom on my lap in a manner that I suspected was only partially due to her hot, stinging rump. “Well, don’t you worry, sweetheart,” I told her, clapping my hand against her soft, jiggling flesh in a steady rhythm, increasing my pace as I spoke. “As long as I’m around, I’m going to do whatever it takes to help you be the best you can be.”
I continued to pepper her bare bottom with spanks until the warm pink had become a hot, glowing red, and I knew Kitten was reaching her limits. Slowing my swats, I took her to the edge of her tolerance, then stopped abruptly. With a relived groan, she sagged into my lap, her hips still twitching suggestively. Gently, I stroked her crimson backside and let her cool off a bit.
“Alright, young lady; get up,” I admonished gently, giving her reddened derriere a couple of firm pats as she rose to her feet. Cupping her backside with both hands, she began rubbing her buns, trying vainly to ease the sting. I gave her another minute or so to rub before rising to my feet.
“OK, sweetheart, time to get ready for bed.”
She shot me an apprehensive look. “I don’t know about this,” she said, shrinking back from me.
“It’s ok, sweetie,” I said. I crossed over to where she stood. With her dress hiked up to her mid back and her panties down to the top of her thighs, she kneaded and rubbed her sore tush like a petulant child. Standing before her, I bent down and kissed her forehead. Without a word, I turned her around and unzipped her dress slowly. Turning, she regarded me with eyes that blazed with a curious mixture of arousal, fear, desire, anxiety, lust and embarrassment as her dress slipped off her shoulders. It fell to the floor, revealing her full, bare breasts, and leaving her in nothing but shoes, panties, stockings and garters.
Bending down, I scooped the half-naked Kitten into my arms. She giggled and nestled against my chest as I carried her over to her bed and got her settled on her back. She stared, an anxious smile playing about her lips, as I bent down to remove her shoes. I took a moment to stroke her smooth thighs, the skin so white it looked as though it had never seen daylight, before I reached up and undid her garters. Holding her stocking foot with one hand, I tickled her toes playfully, making her shriek with laughter and convulse on the bed, before I peeled the stockings off.
Clad now only in her girly, lacy panties, Kitten blushed and smiled coyly and reached down with both hands to grip the waistband. Grinning, I took the leg bands in my hands and began to pull. A brief tug of war ensued, and I was forced to reach around and give her a light slap on her thigh. “Don’t make me spank you again, little lady,” I warned. Giggling, she released the waistband and allowed the panties to be drawn down her legs and off her feet leaving her totally bare. For a moment, I merely stood by and drank in her beauty, marvelling at her small, pale, perfectly formed body and the delicious, embarrassed/aroused grin on her lips.
“Turn over, honey bunny,” I instructed, and though she shot me a doubting look as she did, she rolled over onto her tummy and presented to me the pretty pink heart of her well-spanked bottom. She lifted her hips so I could slide a doubled-up pillow under her pelvis, elevating her beautiful backside into the air in front of me. It quivered, lovely and pink and nude, in the cool air. “Just relax, baby,” I murmured, bending down and planting a kiss on each bare, blushing cheek. She gave a gentle sigh and relaxed visibly, twitching her backside on the soft pillow as she settled herself in. Reaching into the bag I’d brought with me, I brought out a large container of baby oil. I squirted a fat line across her rump.
“Oooo!” She squealed as the cool liquid hit her hot buns, her lips a tight pink ‘o’. I placed my hands firmly on her backside and began massaging the oil in, squeezing and kneading her butt cheeks. I rubbed slowly, soothing the dull ache of her spanking, even as she began squirming sensuously on the bed. “Mmmm...” she murmured, thrusting her rump up into the air behind her. I watched in amazement as Kitten closed her eyes, absently took her thumb into her mouth and began sucking it urgently, cooing and sighing her ecstasy around the digit. “That’s a good girl,” I crooned, “just relax and let me take care of you.”
I gave her butt another squirt of oil, this time right down her crack. Slipping my hand between her smooth, velvety buns, I massaged the insides of her cheeks and the smooth expanse of her crack, tickling the adorable crinkle of her anus as I did, making her moan and press backward. Smiling, I gave her a light spank. “I think next time I’m going to have to bring my thermometer with me, aren’t I, honey?”
“MMM-hhhhmmmm,” came the dreamy answer.
“You are a naughty girl,” I laughed. I couldn’t resist giving her another spank before I reached down and felt between her legs. I smiled; Kitten was getting quite moist down there. It was time for the final phase.
It took me just a few moments to spread the towel out beside her. On it, I placed the large disposable diaper, exactly like a baby would wear, open and waiting.
“Turn over, honey,” I say, guiding her beautiful, bare bottom, glistening wetly, off the pillow and onto the towel. Kitten moaned as her well oiled tushy hit the thirsty seat of her diaper
“Hold still, baby,” I whispered. Taking her ankles, I lifted her legs back as easily as a real infant. I gave her a burst of powder on her rear-end and patted it in firmly. Kitten gave a breathy sigh and closed her eyes, as though it was too much for her. I watched with glee as her thumb found its way back into her mouth. Kitten had finally, truly let go, and I could practically feel her womanhood leaving her body as she regressed from a sophisticated young lady to a squirming infant in the body of a vivacious woman.
Lowering her legs, I sprinkled a dusting of powder across her ample breasts and took my time rubbing it in, much to Kitten’s delight. I put a small puff of powder in each armpit, tickling her a bit as I rubbed it in. She squealed and giggled and squirmed.
“Hold still honey,” I said, sprinkling a heavy dusting of powder across her privates. I took my time patting and rubbing it in, making careful note of Kittens reactions. I stroked and rubbed with increasing vigour, turning Kitten’s breathy giggles and sighs into urgent moaning. I teased and probed and caressed her, bringing her close to the edge before pulling back, making her groan and plead helplessly.
“Please.... please...” she whispered, a thin sheen of sweat glistening on her body.
“Please what?” I asked teasingly, slowing my movements to a near stop, making her moan and thrust her hips. “Please spank you again? Please put your little butt in diapers?” I said, picking up speed once again. “Please treat you like the naughty little girl you are?” Kitten could only groan wetly and grind against my hand at the thought. It was too much for her.
Lost in an ocean of pleasure, she exploded into orgasm with a breathy cry, squirming and writhing on the towel, her lust bubbling over and washing her away.
“Here we go, sweetheart,” I said, pulling the front panel up tight between her legs and sealing her in tight. “All snug... just like a little baby.”
“Uuuhhhhh,” she whimpered. Rolling onto her stomach, she stuck her diapered backside up in the air behind her and twitched it, apparently enjoying the feel of the soft material against her freshly spanked bottom. Smiling, I gave it a few friendly swats with my palm, making her squeal and chortle.
I bent down and gave her a long, smouldering kiss, savouring the taste of her, the delicious scent of her sweat mingling with the baby powder dusted across her body, the warmth of her small, pale, nude body against me.
“Ok, honey, “I told her, rising, “Bedtime.”
Kitten gave a groan of displeasure. Pouting, she threw herself flat on her tummy across the mattress and kicked her bare feet against the bed spread. “Nnnooo-ooo!” she whined.
“Yes,” I said firmly, giving her diapered bottom another good spank. “You turn over, young lady, so I can tuck you in. “
Huffing dramatically, she turned over and allowed me to pull the covers up over her. Taking a teddy bear from my bag, I passed it to Kitten, who snatched it away and clutched it to her bare chest.
I had to laugh: squeezing her stuffed bear to her chest and pouting at me petulantly from beneath the sheets, she looked like an overgrown preschooler, set to bed early after a spanking. Leaning in, I gave her a kiss on the forehead. “If you’re a good girl tomorrow, I‘ll let you stay up late with me. Won’t that be nice?” I asked. Kissing her quickly, I reached down and began rubbing her through the sheet, pressing the crinkly plastic padding of her diaper against her.
“MMMM-hhhmmmmm,” she whispered.
“Good girl.”
Abruptly, I stopped, making her cry out in frustration.
“Good night sweetie,” I said, stalking over to the door.
Sneaking one last peek over my shoulder, I saw Kitten pouting. Slipping a hand beneath the covers, I could see her begin working it below her waist urgently.
Smiling, I clicked off the light. “Sweet dreams, Kiddo,” I said, closing the door behind me.