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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Diaper Pins: On Sale Now!

An ABDL pin-up book featuring an all-star roster of your favorite artists!
Mama's Girl By Elven Dreamer (preview size)
The mandate was simple: I asked the participants to deliver two pin-ups, each one based on some of your favorite Babes In Diapers stories, clips and comics:

And two all new, never before seen pieces by Pink Diapers

In addition, the book includes an all new story written by me, featuring SpankingToon's Bridgette Redheart in an embarrassing tale of very public ABDL punishment and humiliation... and accompanied by a new illustration by SpankingToons, exclusive to this volume.

Also included are the pin-ups from Power Princess (by Pink Diapers), Xara Slater (Elven Dreamer and Okokokayokay), and Little Miss Smarty Pants (by Elven Dreamer).

Prisoner Of The Mechanical Nursery by RFSwitched (preview size)
All of this is available now for just $3.50.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Stuff From Sophie Little!

(Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I've been extremely busy at work. I have some visitors coming to stay with me, so next week will also probably be a little light. Hopefully after that things will get back to normal.)

Huge thanks to the awesome Sophie Little for sending in this compilation of mini-clips from some of her recent productions. Highlights include Sophie crawling around in her messy pink Aww So Cute diaper (easily the the best part of my day thus far). If you haven't seen it before, click here to check out Sophie's special Babes In Diapers introduction video.

(Update: OK, the clip has been pulled off of two separate sites now. I'm going to try and find another video host... until then, the clip can be downloaded directly here.

Download instructions:

Click "Slow Download" (on the right hand side of the screen.)

A timer will appear at the top of the screen-- wait for it to reach zero.

Fill in the Captcha Text and click "Get Download Link."

Click "Download File" to begin.

Sorry about the inconvenience, everyone.)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Doctor Smiley And Mister Daddy Chapter Four

(Huge thanks again for everyone who's left comments, sent e-mails and private messages, and added this story to their favorites. Please keep them coming, because we're heading into the home stretch.)

“You look sweet enough to eat,” he said when he saw her, and Jasmine smiled, hoping he really meant it.
     Her relationship with Edward was a strange but oddly satisfying one. During the day she did he errands and ran through her preparations, she appeared at the club three nights a week, and got home late. Edward was usually there when she arrived, an somehow he could just sense what she needed—if she was tired and achy, he’d give her a bath and a nice hot massage, followed by a fluffy nappy and a quiet evening of cuddling. If she was in a more lively mood (usually on her nights off) she was lovingly pampered with oils, lotions, and powders, (which often, but not always involved and orgasm or two), put on one of her nice (but loose fitting) outfits, and hit the town, her bulky diapered bum hidden (mostly) underneath. They’d go to dinner in some elegant, upscale restaurant (Jasmine had to admit it gave her a naughty thrill to wet her diaper while surrounded by such opulence) then out for some shopping, or maybe a walk or a carriage ride, then back to the apartment for a sexy nappy change before he put her to bed. It wasn’t a bad arrangement, even if it did mean wearing diapers overnight.
     Tonight he was running late… He came inside and quickly stripped her nude, then carried her to the bedroom and diapered her without ceremony… they’d have to hurry to make their reservations. Jasmine was disappointed, but only a little: she knew Daddy would make it up to her later. He insisted she share a nip of sherry with him before they left, and watched with an odd smile as she drained her glass.
     They took a carriage, though it wasn’t far. Jasmine didn’t mind—she loved to cuddle up with Edward in the back of a carriage, her diapered bottom so warm, the padding rubbing up against her most delightfully. Edward kissed and touched her gently the entire way, making her coo and mew softly. But just she was getting really steamy, they pulled up in front of the restaurant, and Jasmine had to hastily re-arrange her skirts and fix her hair as Edward opened the door and helped her out.
     She sat in a booth, sliding all the way over when Edward came in after her, trapping her between himself and the wall. Jasmine felt a sexy little thrill to be at his mercy.  Dinner was excellent, as always. Edward knew all the best places, and Jasmine always ordered the finest thing on the menu and stuffed herself. Tonight it was lobster and pasta, and Jasmine giggled at what a pig she was making of herself. But, as always, she’d saved room for dessert, and smiled lazily when Edward ordered her a dish of peach ice cream and a crème de menthe for himself. Jasmine burped lazily and patted her tummy. It was funny— she was sure she’d left room for ice-cream, but suddenly she felt quite full… a little nauseous, actually.
     Edward’s arm was around her shoulders, he leaned in to kiss her ear, but Jasmine was becoming quite uncomfortable… her stomach was cramping and she realized, to her embarrassment, that she was feeling the beginnings of an urge to move her bowels. Jasmine shifted in her seat, trying to move her bottom to a more comfortable position in the diaper, hoping she could suppress the urge until it went away.
    But to her horror, not only was the sensation not dissipating, it was getting stronger with each passing moment. Soon Jasmine was shifting and squirming awkwardly in her nappy pinned to her bottom hot, uncomfortable, and a sobering reminder of what would happen if she couldn’t control herself.
     “Darling? Are you alright?” Edward asked, knowing full well… The formula in her sherry had rendered Jasmine incontinent, and after the big meal she’d just put away, it was only a matter of time before she discovered that fact for herself.
     “Oh, yes,” she said, forcing a smile. “I’m just… anxious for dessert,” she said, her guts churning at the thought.
     He gave a deep, rumbling chuckle and leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Patience, pet,” he whispered, reaching down to rub the front of her diaper through her dress. She smirked, enjoying herself in spite of her discomfort.
     There was a sudden, involuntary trickle from her bladder. Jasmine’s eyes widened. She opened her mouth, but forced herself to stay silent, not wanting to embarrass herself in front of Edward. She strained, trying to stem the flow… but her efforts were in vain, as though the muscles just weren’t strong enough… the trickle became a squirt, which became a full-force gush, and she chewed her lip, glancing around nervously, praying that nobody could hear the telltale hiss of her bladder emptying into her thirsty diaper at full force.
     Edward grinned to himself, kissing her neck and subtly rubbing her through the front of her diaper. Not only could he hear Jasmine’s bladder emptying itself totally beyond her will, he could detect the sharp odor of her urine, growing stronger the more saturated the diaper beneath her squirming bottom became. Further, he could hear her bowels percolating inside her, smell her sweat, practically taste her desperation. Jasmine was about to have a big messy accident, it was only a matter of time. He felt his desire for her flare at the thought.
     At last, Jasmine reached her limit and began to squirm a bit. “Um, darling,” she whispered, “Um… could you move over so I could use the ladies room?”
     “Ladies room?” he whispered, flashing her a wolfish smile that made her feel two feet tall and frightfully aroused. “You’ve got your ladies room strapped to that cute little bottom of yours,” he said firmly, kissing her ear.
     She moaned, embarrassed, but also desperately turned on. She thought back to when she was a little girl—how she used to hold it as long as she could, savoring the sweet torment…
     She made one last, half-hearted attempt to get past him, and was secretly thrilled when he simply held her in place… she felt confined, imprisoned… but somehow his sweet kisses and gentle murmurs made it alright.
     She felt a sharp cramp in her side—without warning, her back passage opened; a strong surge of mush blorped out of her with a gassy accompaniment, settling thickly into the seat of her nappies. Her jaw dropped, her eyes bulged, and Jasmine felt her face growing very warm.
     Edward smiled and continued nibbling her ear, stifling a laugh when he heard another messy, gassy bubbling sound from her diaper, followed by a startled gasp from Jasmine. The formula seemed to have done its job perfectly, rendering her totally unable to control her bladder or bowel movements.
     “Are you alright, darling?” he asked, somehow maintaining a straight face.
     She stared at him, mouth open, not even knowing where to begin. “I…”
     “Here we go,” said the waitress, arriving at the most awkward moment to deliver the dessert. Edward thanked her and asked for the check… Jasmine stared at the peach ice cream, her stomach rolling, vividly aware of the warm pile in her diaper. Edward took a sip of his drink and looked at her expectantly. “Dig in, honey,” he smiled. Jasmine blushed and squirmed, the gooey mess squishing around in her diaper.
     “Oh… um… I’m really not hungry anymore,” she whimpered, squirming around on her bottom, trying to find a more comfortable position. It was all in vain… the mess was gooey and slimy and had mushed thickly between her buttocks and across her cheeks. Worse, her stomach was still fluttering inside her… she was sure she’d have another accident if she kept eating.
     “Don’t be silly,” Edward admonished laughingly. He spooned up a big blob of ice cream and shoveled it into her mouth. Jasmine chewed and swallowed as quickly as she could… the ice cream was rich and delicious and practically guaranteed to exacerbate her loose bowels.
     She tried to protest, but he simply continued to shovel ice-cream into her mouth at irregular intervals, giving her plenty of time to swallow. The cold, sticky cream overfilled her mouth, smeared her lips and dribbled down her chin.
     Midway through the bowl, she felt another cramp. Her anus dilated beyond her control, her attempts to squeeze it shut woefully inadequate—her bowels voided with a nasty, bubbly fart. Hot, gooey mud came pouring out of her backside and settled wetly in her diaper. Edward took advantage of her shocked expression to spoon some more ice cream into her mouth.
     “Isn’t that good, darling?” he smiled, spooning a little more into her mouth. Jasmine flashed him a wan smile, vividly aware of the warm, gooey mess in her nappy.
     Soon the ice cream was gone, and Jasmine let out a groan, her belly stuffed, her face smeared with ice cream, and her pants full of poop. “Wasn’t that yummy, sweetie?” he asked, counting their payment out on the table.
     In response, Jasmine could merely groan, pumping out another gush of mushy poop accompanied by a sizable fart. She reddened, feeling herself lifted as the mess spread out across her buttocks. If Edward had noticed, he didn’t say anything. She looked around frantically to see if anyone was staring. She gave a couple of sniffs to see if there was any smell, turning pale when she realized there was a faint but noticeable poopy odor wafting out of her messy diaper… she was going to have to avoid getting too close to Edward or risk having him find out she’d loaded her diaper.
     “It’s such a nice night,” he said when they were outside, taking her hand firmly. “Why don’t we walk home?”
     Jasmine nearly cursed out loud. Sure, in the confined space of a carriage it would be almost impossible to hide her dirty diaper. But the idea of walking back to her apartment in a squishy, poopy nappy wasn’t exactly appealing either (especially considering I might still have more in me, she thought miserably as her tummy gurgled.) She squirmed and struggled and half heartedly begged him to get a cab. But Edward was insistent, and he tugged her off toward a string of shops.
     They ambled lazily through the storefronts, occasionally stopping so Edward could browse in the window. Jasmine tried to remain still, trying not to draw too much attention to herself. But the diaper was heavy and gooey and itchy and soon she was squirming and dancing in place uncomfortably. At last, Edward turned to her and whispered “are you OK, darling? You seem uncomfortable?”
     Jasmine shuddered, feeling two inches tall. “I just—I was sort of hoping we could take a carriage the rest of the way…” she said, trying to be subtle as she shifted from foot to foot nervously.
     “Oh, sweetie… do your little feet hurt?”
     She gave a sigh of relief… Thank god, a way out without having to explain myself.
     “Yes, Daddy,” she husked breathily, shooting him her best sad puppy eyes. “These new shoes of mine are just a little too tight and…”
     “Well,” he said, reaching out toward her. “How about I just carry you the rest of the way?”
     “Nooo! That is… I… uh…” But Jasmine couldn’t think of an excuse, and before she knew it, Edward swept her up into her arms, slipped one hand underneath her to hold her up (squishing her massively messy diaper against her and making her gasp), and placed her against his hip, holding and carrying her just like she was a real baby. It was like she was weightless in his arms, and Jasmine frantically wrapped her arms around his neck. She tried to think of a protest, but nothing came to mind. So she simple clung to him, blushing at the sensation of her poopy diaper squishing up against her, as he carried her slowly down the streets as easily as a toddler, occasionally stopping to browse in the shop windows.
     She rested her head against his shoulder, embarrassed and uncomfortable, but not in a position to do or say anything about it. People walked by staring, and Jasmine nearly died when she saw one or two crinkle their noses suspiciously when they passed. She buried her face into daddy… It was just so embarrassing!
     They stopped in front of a toy store. Edward spotted a beautifully carved rocking horse, painted up all nice and shiny. “Maybe I could get you a rocking horse like that,” he whispered to her, kissing her gently on her head. “Would you like that?”
     Through the tears leaking slowly from her big brown eyes, Jasmine looked at the horse and found herself smiling at the thought. With the stress of everything that had happened to her, she hated to admit it, but being able to just go back to playing with her toys and forget her stress sounded wonderful. She grinned widely. He kissed her neck, and Jasmine melted into him. She spent the rest of the walk home dozing in daddy’s arms, with a lazy smile on her face and a hot, mushy load in her pants.

     They finally arrived back at the apartment, Jasmine napping lightly in Edward’s arms. He awoke her with a kiss on the forehead. “Les get that messy dydee changed darling,” he said.
     Jasmine blushed and squirmed, her poopy diaper squishing beneath her bottom. The thought of getting a dirty nappy changed was a relief, but the idea of Edward seeing her bottom all smeared with poop made her prickle with embarrassment.
     Ignoring her protests, he took her into the bathroom and pealed her messy diaper off. Jasmine covered her face, not wanting to see his reaction when her brown-smeared buttocks came into view.
     But Edward said nothing, mealy commenced cleaning her off a bit before getting her into the tub. In the warm water, he gave her a though scrub-down, which Jasmine found herself quite enjoying. She sighed and reclined, letting the hot water soak away her troubles, at least for the moment. She tried to put the embarrassing evening out of her mind, but it nagged away at her… what if it wasn’t an isolated incident? How would she work? She couldn’t perform if she couldn’t control her bodily functions (she pictured herself on stage in her corset and fishnets with a huge, bulging diaper on the bottom and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.)
     “It’s alright, darling,” he whispered, his breath hot and moist on the back of her neck. “You don’t have to worry about anything, my love—I’m going to take care of you from now on.” He took the cloth and started working it between her legs. Jasmine let out a long, breathy sigh. “That’s it… all you have to do is let me take care of you. Will you do that for me, babykins?” He rubbed between her legs with the washcloth, making her chew her lip. “Hmm? Will you let me take care of you? And make sure you’re safe? And powder you and put you in your diapers?”
     “Oooh,” she groaned. “Y-y-yes…”
     He smiled and slowed. “Yes what, darling?”
     She blushed and whispered quietly, forcing herself to look at him. “Yes, daddy…”
     He grinned and masturbated her to a steamy climax.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pampered In Public

(Thanks to Dick for the contribution.)

Enjoy this quick salute to those women brave enough to boldly go... Pampered In Public:

The annual Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco is well known for attracting runners in outrageous outfits, including lots of diapers. Most of these, alas, are males, though once in a while a gal shows up dressed as a baby.


 ...A private photo taken in the 1950s at an all-female costume party. The guests were were all dressed as children, and these two went all the way. More info here:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Doctor Smiley and Mister Daddy: Chapter Three

(As always, please let me know what you think.)

“That’s a good girl, Constance—show Daddy how you tinkle.”
     Perched naked on the toilet, Constance blushed and looked down, trying to avoid Dr. Smiley’s penetrating gaze. Days into her new routine and she still burned with shame every time she had to ‘potty like a big girl’ in front of the sexy Dr. Smiley—but at least tinkle was less embarrassing than poopies, she thought with a shiver.
     He reached out and tilted her head back. “No no, darling,” he scolded gently, “you must look at Daddy when you potty.”
     So, blushing furiously, she opened her eyes and forced herself to look at him, going red as she strained and pushed on her bladder. Finally, mercifully, she felt a gush and heard the stream splashing into the water below.
     “Good girl!” he praised bending forward to kiss her forehead, and Constance could only smile half heartedly, her cheeks flaring red. “Look at you tinkle like a big girl!”
     She cringed and pushed, straining to finish as quickly as she could. “Thank you, daddy,” she said quietly as the stream dribble to a stop. He took the roll of toilet paper into his hand and looked at her expectantly.
     “Stand up,” he said simply, tearing of a small was of paper as she stood, nude and squirming with humiliation.
     “Bend over,” he ordered, and she complied, bending at the waist to expose herself in a very lewd manner. Constance felt a new rush of ticklish embarrassment when she felt him press the paper to her pussy and start wiping her, like she was a four year old who was struggling with her potty training.
     “Good girl… hold still for daddy,” he admonished gently, tearing off another sheet. Constance bit her lip to keep from sobbing in humiliation as she was wiped from behind once again.
     Smiley wondered to himself: If she’d known it was one of the last times she’d ever use the toilet, would Constance have taken the time to enjoy herself a little more? Perhaps… but then again, maybe not, he thought philosophically.
     The idea came to him the night before, when he was preparing to give himself his nightly formula booster. He’d taken to injecting it before bed now, and found himself growing stronger every day. He now slept only 4 hours a night… more time to take care of my charges, he told himself. He’d been fixing his nightly shot, and it occurred to him… if he could mould and perfect his own personality, even manipulate his physiology to a moderate extent—why couldn’t he do the same with his little ones? He was far more experienced now, thought he could control the dosages better…
     So he’d spent most of the previous day and evening perfecting what he had dubbed “Liquid Incontinence,” designed to bring about a nearly uncontrollable loss of control over their bodily functions. He would test it on Jasmine tonight… and if it proved successful, Constance would find herself in diapers 24/7 within the next day or so. After that, he could move onto some of his more ambitious ideas… he wanted the process working absolutely flawlessly by the time Amanda got home.
     “Now darling,” he said to Constance once he’d finished cleaning her up, “I’m going to be going out tonight, and I don’t want to risk having you sit in a messy diaper all evening…”
     “Oh no,” Constance moaned, knowing what he was going to say… It had gotten to be a familiar routine over the last few nights.
     “Yes darling,” he said sympathetically, “it’s suppository time.”
     “Daddy, do we have to?” Constance whined, hoping to find some way to wriggle out of it.
     “Yes we do baby,” he said firmly. He sat on the side of the tub and pulled the reluctant Constance across his lap spanky style. She groaned, but Smiley simply patted the neatly rounded cheeks of her bottom firmly. “Be a good girl, or daddy will have to spank your little backside.”
     She sighed, but forced herself to lay still. She felt him spread her buttocks, then bit her lip and braced herself as he pushed the waxy cone right up her little anus.
     “Ooo…” she groaned, feeling his finger push the suppository well into her back passage. “Ah! Oh! Mmmm…” she sighed. She began thrusting her hips slightly, and Smiley grinned to himself and stroked her hair with his free hand, allowing her to wriggle around on his digit for another long moment before withdrawing it slowly. He cleaned his finger off with a tissue as she groaned. “Ok darling, on your feet… that’s a good girl,’ he said, patting her backside affectionately as she complied. “You go wait for me in your room.”

     He quickly washed his hands and joined her in her room. Laying her on her back on the bed, he quickly powdered and pinned her into diapers, then tugged a pair of rubber pants up and over her bulging bottom. “Come here darling,” he said, scooping her up into his arms. His continued use of the serum had increased his strength, and he was able to lift and carry her as easily as a kitten. Constance, bare naked except for her big fluffy diaper, could only snuggle against his chest—never in her life had she ever felt so powerless. He was so strong; she felt like tissue paper in his arms… the sensation was unbelievably sexy and a little frightening.
     He settled down in an overstuffed easy chair, Constance curled up in his lap, and wrapped his arms around her, waiting for the suppository to take effect. He closed his eyes, delighting in her weight and warmth against him, breathing her scent and listening to the tiny noises coming from her—the steady rhythm of her breathing, the breathy grunts and moans she made as the medicine went to work inside her, the low gurgle of her tummy, her bowels twitching to life inside her… if he listened close, Smiley was sure he could hear her heart thumping in her chest.
     “There’s my good girl,” he said quietly, “Hold it in for as long as you can for me.”
     She groaned and tightened her bottom. Smiley chuckled and kissed the top of her head. “That’s it my love… hold it in as long as you can and get yourself nice and clean inside.” He listened to the sounds of her guts gurgling and Constance straining quietly to contain them… a losing battle she temporarily had control of.
     They sat like that for several minutes, Constance sat curled in his lap, red-faced and straining to contain her bowels, breathing deeply and listening to the Doctor murmur gently, wrapping her up in his strength and warmth. In spite of her embarrassment, Constance felt a deep satisfaction and comfort… like she really was a baby, curled up in daddy’s lap.
     Suddenly, her bowels gave a sharp cramp, and her sphincter, in spite of the fact that she was squeezing it as tightly as she could, was overwhelmed. “Oh!” she cried, the warm, poopy mess filling her nappy with a noisy fart. She tried to speak, but instead grunted as her guts cramped. She groaned, another wave came oozing out of her and filled the seat of her diaper with a messy squish. Smiley grinned feeling her squirm and squeak, wriggling in his lap as she uncontrollably and very loudly fill her nappy.
     “It’s OK… good girl,” Smiley reassured her, patting her thigh and kissing her neck. She grunted and messed herself loudly in response, and Henry smiled, his keen hearing picking up on each little toot and squish from her diaper. The odor was quite potent… even more so with the Doctor’s enhanced sense of smell… but he sat there without a word as Constance first filled her diaper and then half sat, half fell back into Smiley’s lap, landing on her backside with a messy squish. Constance’s bottom lip quivered—she was ashamed, but strangely comforted. She shut her eyes and basked in daddy’s warmth and love, trying to ignore the mess in her diaper.
     They sat there for a long moment, quietly, just enjoying the peace. Constance was so relaxed she thought she might doze off.
     The Doctor had told her back at the beginning that she wouldn’t be punished for using her diapers. What an understatement, thought Constance, who was luxuriating in a nice warm bath and being gently cleaned off by Dr. Smiley. If anything, she was practically rewarded for using her nappies—wet diapers were dealt with immediately upon discovery, and oral sex after a slow, delicious cleaning was the usual order of things.
     For poopies, she was taken immediately to the bathroom, taken out of her messy diapers, tidied up, sat on the toilet to make sure she was empty and put into the tub for a nice, hot soak. Tonight was no exception, and Constance stood as still as she could as she was pealed out of her dirty diapers, leaving her standing there in front of him, nude, her neat, plump little buttocks smeared totally brown. “Just as I thought,” he sighed, wiping her butt like a two year old and making her quiver with embarrassment. “You had quite a lot in you,” he said matter-of-factly. Constance could only burn with humiliation.
     Her bottom wiped, she was sat on the toilet to strain, trying to push out anything that might be left. Constance perched on the potty and grunted as Daddy ran the bath, her cheeks flushing red, and not only from the exertion. The entire treatment was so embarrassing, so demeaning, so infantilizing… and so sexy she found herself in a nearly constant stage of arousal.
     She grunted and strained for a few minutes, when she was without warning rewarded by a ghastly, farty avalanche of poop into the water below her. Constance reddened and groaned when she heard Daddy chuckle.
      “Oopsy!” Daddy chuckled, making her ears burn. “Maybe we’ll just leave you there for another couple of minutes to make sure you’re empty.”
     Good idea—Constance blushed through another two more diarrhea explosions before Daddy finally decided she was probably empty (“but be sure to tell daddy if your tummy feels weird, OK, baby?”) He loaded her into the bath and scrubbed her, paying special attention to her bottom and pussy, until she was squeaky clean—and hornier than hell.
     He helped her from the bath and dried her with a fluffy towel. He scooped her up and carried her into her bedroom (which he’d dubbed her “nursery,” and was in fact slowly converting it into one.) Her four-poster canopy bed was like something out of a fairy tale, and he lay her down on the cool sheet, nude and wriggling. Constance shut her eyes and murmured, desperate for sexual stimulation.
     He gave it to her, teasingly oiling her pussy and working it in until she was writhing, bucking her hips lewdly and whimpering, begging him incoherently to finish her off.
     He pushed inside of her, giving it to her slowly and sweetly, and in her ear, he whispered to her, telling her how small and beautiful she was…. How fragile and helpless—a delicate flower in need of his aid and protection and love…
     Her orgasm melted her into a puddle.
     He quickly cleaned her off and finished oiling her before dusting her with powder, which he patted and tickled into her body, making her giggle  and squirm on her back. He hoisted her legs in the air, ensuring the process was thoroughly repeated on her wiggling, jiggling backside (making Constance emit a childish squeal of delight.) Finally, the nappy was placed under her wriggling tushy, pulled up tightly between her legs and pinned firmly into place, making her fume with sexy embarrassment. It was, of course, humiliating to be pinned into nappies again at her age… but as he adjusted the diaper and got it neatly into place before pulling the rubber panties up over over her bulky bottom, Constance decided it was nice to be doted over and cared for by a man like Doctor Smiley (peculiar though he might be at times.)
     “There we are!” he said, patting her padded crotch and drawing an embarrassed groan. He chuckled. “Come on dear—on your feet… I’m not paying you to laze about in a diaper all day!” At least, not right now, he thought to himself. We’ll see what tomorrow will bring.
      He helped her into her uniform (part of it anyway—the top half was the same, and he’d permitted her to keep her shoes… but they were all she wore from the waist down—except for her bulging rump, stickling out so thickly diapered behind her. It embarrassed Constance greatly to have to waddle around the house performing her duties with a thickly diapered and crinkling nappy-bottom; but the doctor insisted, and often said he could watch her all day, just cleaning and doing her chores in a thick nappy. “Off you go, my love,” he said, sending her off with a pat on her bottom. She shot him a brief, blushing glance before toddling off to do her job. Smiley watched her swaddled bottom wiggle off down the hall and out of sight, then returned to his lab to make preparations for the evening.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Big Girl Spanked By Her Mommy

Thanks to Alp for sending in this clip from UK sitcom My Family. An argument causes a mother at her wit's end to put her grown daughter across her lap and spank her... and in front of a few witnesses, too!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Doctor Smiley And Mister Daddy: Chapter Two

(There seems to be kind of a quiet minority that likes this story-- please keep sending me emails and private messages and especially comments, they're what keep me going.)

(Pedantic alert: Yes, I am aware that 'I Wanna be Loved by You' is from the 1928 musical "Good Boy"... I tried to find an appropriate Victorian Bawdy song, but they were all a bit too Bawdy, so I decided to go with something a little cuter. Please excuse the anachronism.)


Chapter One


He tried to nap, but he could only lay awake, thinking, his mind a writhing snake-pit of images… Constance, Amanda, even a few other women that he knew—helpless, infantilized, diapered, and firmly in his care.  He imagined thickly swaddled bottoms crawling across the floor of his study… the delightful scents of beautiful adult women enjoying a second infancy…
     At last he couldn’t take it anymore… grabbing his hat and coat, he stalked out into the cool evening.

     His first stop was the medical supply warehouse he frequented. He selected a small array of lotions, creams, oils and powders, then an armload of adult nappies and rubber pants used in retirement homes and asylums.
    Working the till was a comely, red-headed beauty named Jill, whom Smiley had known, in a small way, for quite some time now. She smiled strangely as she rang up his purchases— “you opening up a rest home, doc?”
     “I’m going to be looking after some patients with some… special needs,” he said smoothly. He found himself staring as Jill tallied the items, studying her pouty red lips, just made for kissing… her body was a work of art, even in her modest clothing, and he studied her supple neck and full, heavy breasts. Again, he was intoxicated by her scent, practically salivating at the sweetly-sour smell of her perfumes and body odors. He took several deep breaths, trying to get himself under control, but it was no use. In his mind, he could see himself vaulting the counter and scooping Jill up into his powerful arms. He’d carry her into the back, stripping her clothes off as they went. She might resist at first, but after being anointed with some oil and powder, he was sure she’d settle in for a nice, long diapering…
     She reached up to scratch her nose, and Smiley deflated when he saw her engagement ring. Henry was suddenly wracked with guilt, hating himself for thinking and feeling this way. He felt like he’d been turned into some kind of animal…
     He grabbed his bags and quickly fled the building.

     The sun was down now, the streets filled with fog—Henry imagined himself a beast stalking the streets and alleys of the city. A thick fog had rolled in, and Henry started to feel more comfortable, hidden from view. The streets were crowded, and he paused here and there to watch the women moving through the streets, sometimes briefly following them, imagining what they’d look like if he had his way with them, their beautiful bodies wrapped up securely in thick, fluffy nappies while they cooed and gurgled helplessly…
     Smiley hurried off in no particular direction, deeper into the city.

     He heard the music first—somewhere in the distance, the throb of heavy base drums. He drifted towards it, the area growing seedier as he went. He wandered, drawn by the music, until he found himself in front of a smoky cabaret. He stood before it, wondering if he should go in, when he saw her.
     She gazed out from the promotional photo from over her shoulder, her eyes huge and black and doe-like, her hair black and lustrous. Her skin was olive colored, a just a little exotic—Henry judged she was from the continent, Italy, maybe, or Spain, or maybe even Greece. On her shoulder blade, a tattoo of a rose blazed, its color coming through, even in  the black and white photo, and Henry imagined what it would feel like to kiss it. Beneath her, a set of bold red letters announced her as Jasmine.
     Henry hurried inside.

     He pushed inside, through the smoke and arid stench of stale beer, past the raucous laughter of the dregs in the audience and took a table in the far corner of the room. A waitress came by and he ordered a whiskey. “Is… have I missed Jasmine?” he asked, trying not to look at her.
     She flashed a wicked smile. “You got here just in time, sir… she’s on next!”
     He tried to settle in, sipping his whiskey. It was cheap and bitter, but he drank it anyway, hoping to dull the enhanced senses that were slowly driving him insane. He watched the act on stage (a pair of nude female jugglers) finish their act and scamper off to the sound of enthusiastic applause. An announcer in pancake make-up came out:
     “And now, ladies and gentleman, for your listening and dining pleasure, my we present to you our own silver-voiced chanteuse, the saucy  songbird who makes you salivate, give it up for Jasmine!”
     Henry politely applauded with the rest, then watched her step out onstage, he body wrapped in a long, silky cloak of some kind. The spotlight followed her to center stage, and the applause slowly died down. Henry was drawn to her face, the finely chiseled features, so delicate and soft, topped with those amazing eyes, like dark pools of water.
     She slipped the cloak over her shoulders in a sudden move, and her body was revealed, poured into a sheer corset that amply revealed and enhanced her cleavage, her legs encased in black fish-nets, and nothing down below but a pair of sheer, see-through panties ( she turned, Henry could see her butt-crack clearly through the seat and felt himself stiffen.) She looked over the audience with a certain air of arrogance… Henry could tell she thought she didn’t belong here, and he was inclined to agree. The thought of one as dainty and lovely as her forced to work in a placed like this wounded him on the inside. He wanted nothing more than to wrap Jasmine up in his arms and never let her go…
     She waited for the hall to quiet, and finally, when you could hear a pin drop, she started to sing:
I wanna be loved by you
just you and nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you - alone.
Boo boo bee doo

I wanna be kissed by you
just you and nobody alse but you
I wanna be kissed by you - alone.
Boo boo bee doo

I couldn't aspire
to anything higher
and to feel the desire
to make you my own.
Badum badum bee doodily dum ! Boo !

I wanna be loved by you
just you and nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you - alone.
Boo boo bee doo

I couldn't aspire
to anything higher
and to feel the desire
to make you my own.
Badum badum bee doodily dum ! Boo !

I wanna be loved by you
just you and nobody else but you
I wanna be loved by you
Ba deedily deedily deedily dum
Boo boo bee doo !
     Smiley was enraptured, his heart snared by her warbling… the entire world dropped away, and for one long moment it was like she was singing to him and him alone. He tried to imagine her scent… and how she would look in a big diaper…

     It took a long discussion with the manager  and no small amount of money, but Henry was finally able to talk his way backstage. He found her door and knocked politely, his heart thundering in his chest. He had no idea what he was going to do or say… he clutched his bags in his hands nervously.
     “Come in!”
     She sat with her back to him, touching herself up in the mirror, a thin, silk robe draped over her petite figure. She eyed him curiously in the mirror. “Who might you be?” she demanded coolly in lightly accented English. Smiley wasn’t the first smooth talker to make his way back stage to proposition Jasmine for a quickie, often with offers of cash, like she was some kind of whore.
     He took off his hat. “Just an admirer,” he said in a clear confident voice. “I thought your performance was lovely.” She snorted derisively.
     “And what have you got in the bags, mister admirer? Presents for me?” for the first time she turned to look at him directly. He chuckled, like it was a big joke.
     “Not exactly, no; I’m a doctor; they’re supplies for… an experiment I’m conducting. I was on my way back and I heard you singing. I wanted to meet you…”
     “And see if I up for a quick roll in the hay, is that it?” she demanded angrily.
     He smiled. “Actually, I wanted to see if you were free for dinner.”
     She stared at him suspiciously. “What did you say your name was, mister?”
     He smiled, only hesitating for a moment. “Call me Edward.”
     He took her to the nicest restaurant she’d ever been in. it was a fine meal, and Edward was great company, mostly… every once in a while, something strange would rear its head… when hear meal arrived, he asked her if she needed help cutting it (she assured him that she was fine), and he insisted on spoon feeding her the last couple of bites of her dessert when she said she’d had enough. He paid the check and left a hefty tip for the waitress (she noticed, with a small smirk, that he eagerly checked out her butt as she walked away.)
     He flagged down a carriage and asked where she lived. She ruefully admitted that she shared an apartment near the theater with a couple of other girls from the cabaret. He tutted: “That will never do.”
     He stopped at a newsstand first, scanned the classifieds in earnest. She tried to see what he was doing, but she still had problems reading in English. Finally he looked up: “Perfect!”
     He gave the driver a set of instructions, a relatively nice area not too far from the cabaret. A hotel, maybe?
     They got out in front of an upscale apartment building. It was late, but the manager was more than happy to listen to Edward’s proposal, and in moments they were inside a wonderful, fully furnished two bedroom, two bathroom flat with a fireplace in the living room.  “What do you think?” he asked.
     “It’s very nice, Edward,” she said, not fully understanding what was going on.
     “I’m glad you think so,” he said, handing her the keys, “it’s all yours.”
     She gaped at him, disbelieving. She swallowed, containing her excitement. “What do you want?” she asked quietly, looking down at her shoes. He put a finger under her chin, tilted her head back so he could gaze into those amazing eyes, so big and dark, her lashes so long and luscious.
     “Only you,” he said, bending down to kiss her wetly, “all of you. Now and forever.”
     He quickly relieved her of her dress and undergarments and studied her naked body in the firelight. He hoisted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom.
     He deposited her, naked and jiggling, face-down onto the bed, and Jasmine prepared herself for sex. The tattoo gleamed brightly on her back, and he bent down and pressed his lips to it, making her moan.
     He kissed her between her legs, licking and tickling, his tongue probing and tasting. He took hold of her buttocks, squeezing and massaging her plump cheeks. She gave a cry of surprise and delight when she felt his tongue on her delicate anus… Edward had seems so civilized and repressed when she’d first seen him, she never knew that he’d be so… animalistic…
     She shivered and sighed, quickly slipping into a haze of sexual bliss.

     “Mmmm…. That was amazing, she sighed, stretching out on her back.
     He smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.
     He moved toward her, and for a moment Jasmine thought he was going to kiss her. She was surprised when he rolled up his sleeves and motioned for her to turn over on her stomach. She slowly complied, turning her bare bum to the ceiling and watching over her shoulder as he retrieved a bottle of oil from the bag, which he began spreading out over her back. She murmured and sighed, luxuriating in the tender massage.
     He poured a line of oil right down the center of her butt-crack, drawing a squeal, followed by a groan as he worked it into her wriggling tushy. Jasmine groaned and wiggled her hips, rubbing her quickly stiffening bud against the bedspread. Soon she glistened and gleamed all the way down to her feet (he tickled and teased them, making her chortle and squirm.)
     He dusted her with powder, paying special attention to the glistening hillocks of her plumb backside. Jasmine oooed and ahed and wriggled her toes excitedly. It was so strange, but it felt just wonderful… she had a sudden urge to suck her thumb.
     He turned her onto her back, repeating the entire process on the front, playing with her nipples and tickling her tummy, before he started working the oil into her sopping pussy. He powdered her front, and she started having visions of being prepared for some sort of ritual.
     “I want you to lie very still,” he said taking the diaper and unfolding it. She suppressed a smile and forced herself to lie still, sure she was in for another round of steamy sex.
     She felt something thick being tugged up tightly between her legs, pressed up against her crotch in a most delightful way. She felt her hips being enfolded tightly. Stunned, she looked up just in time to see him fastening the pins, trapping her in the diaper.
     “What? But… why?” she stammered, blushing shamefully as he tugged the rubber pants up her legs. He reached out and began to rub her tummy reassuringly.
     “Think of it as a symbol,” he said. “It represents how much I love you, and how much I care for your well-being.” He bent down and lay on top of her, pinning her to the mattress. “I’m here to care for you now, sweetie,” he said, nuzzling her neck. Jasmine sighed, her heart throbbing in her chest. “You belong to me… and I accept the responsibility of you and your well being.”
     Jasmine knew she should be horrified, in fact part of her was… but mostly she felt touched. What he was saying was frightening, but there was also such comfort in it—she wondered to herself if she could really let it go, let everything go and just place herself in this man’s care.
     “Do you trust me to do that?” he asked, kissing her neck. Jasmine responded with a long, affirmative moan.
     “Good girl,” he said, quickly pulling himself off her. Taking her hand, he pulled her into a sitting position. “Let’s get a good look at you,” he insisted, helping her up to her knees. Jasmine’s cheeks were shiny and red, but Edward laughed and tickled her under the chin, making her squirm.
     “Show Daddy, how you crawl,” he commanded gently. “I want to see how your little diaper bottom looks.”
     Hesitantly, Jasmine complied, lowering herself to her hands and knees and crawling around on the bedspread, the massively padded nappy waggling lazily in the air behind her. He chuckled and reached out to pat her thickly diapered rump, making her blush… Jasmine felt for all the world like a giant, overgrown baby.
     “What a good girl,” he said, quietly, mesmerized by the sight of this lovely, mature, womanly woman wrapped up in a huge diaper. Jasmine looked over and saw his erection bulging against the front of his pants. Grinning wickedly, she crawled over and un-zipped his fly, reaching in to free his rock-hard penis (her eyes bulging with delight when she saw how huge it was. Grinning, she gave it a supple lick with her soft pink tongue; he sucked in a shaky breath as she took him into her mouth and started to gently suck, bobbing her head eagerly. Edward groaned, reaching out to stroke he long, black hair softly, enraptured by the sight of her diapered bottom wiggling ever so slightly as she gleefully sucked him to orgasm.