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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Real Life Stories Of Rectal Temp Taking

Anyone into sexy girls getting spanked should check-out Spanked Sweeties, where your favorite fetish models discuss their spanking histories and experiences in intimate detail, then re-create some of those memories with some of the most popular tops in the industry.

Here we see something a little different... in this clip, the lovely Paris Kennedy (always a favorite around these parts) tells the story of how she tried to play sick... only to have her mother call her bluff in the most embarrassing way possible! Then watch as Paris re-creates the scene with the devious Clare Fonda playing her mother.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pampers And PJ's: The Return Of Bridgette Redheart!

(For more awesome spanking and ageplay art check out SpankingToons on Tumblr!)

Let's check in on our old friend Bridgette Redheart and see what she's been up to since the last time we saw her:

The following pics are from a new series currently being produced on commission. Click here for info on commissioning your own custom art from SpankingToons.

Check out a few non-Bridgette pics from SpankingToons:

Miku is another of SpankingToons original characters-- you can check out her further adventures on ST's Tumblr.
If you enjoyed this feature, feel free to check out part one of my story Mommy Dearest which features an illustration by SpankingToons (and part two is coming really soon guys, I swear.) You can also check out his contributions to my Diaper Pins art collection (including an exclusive Bridgette drawing, unavailable anywhere else.)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Miley's Fuzzy Diaper Fashion Statement

Miley Cyrus is becoming quite the fixture around here these days: discussion over exactly what the naughty pop-star meant when she declared herself an "Adult Baby" on Ellen while back has been a hot topic of conversation in the ABDL community for quite some time now. The debate rages on... now JT's sent in some more fuel for the fire: Check out this article her appearance on Good Morning America sporting what the Daily Mail called a pair of "racy tight white briefs"-- or, as some of the more observant posters in the comments section referred to them, "furry diapers." You can take a look at some of the pics below (along with some of the choicer responses from the comments section):

"Who knew that high-waisted furry diapers were the next big thing? Oh. Well, someone should tell her."
"I´m glad my favourite artists doesn´t need to wear a diaper or make stupid 'sexy' dances to catch the attention of the media..."
"So fuzzy diapers are the new in thing? Oh right - mink, for the new kardash-west kid. Miley's a bit old for them though."
"Giant diaper"
"So diapers are in fashion these days? My grandma will be overjoyed!"
"All grown up...and still wearing diapers. Ugh!"

Friday, September 5, 2014

Diaper Dreams: Results

Thanks very much to all the women who've taken my diaper dream poll. I'm not entirely sure what shape this research is going to take yet (beyond vague notions of doing some kind of ABDL spin on Little Ego), but I very much appreciate all the help, especially those of you who took the time to describe your dreams. I promised a while back to share some of the more interesting results-- so here are a few of my favorites. If you see your response here and you'd like me to take it down let me know in the comments or via e-mail.

- A few...

Wetting the bed in the night and then forced to go out in it to a picnic of a friend of a friend. She notices how wet I get, says something then babies me in front of everyone else at the park and proceeds to changer out in the open.

Going to a costume party wearing diapers under my costume and then throughout the night using them. Falling asleep then waking up having people surrounded around me after realizing I was the one making a smell and changing me in front of everyone.

Being hypnotized via trigger words and losing all control. Both of my bodily functions and what escapes into my diaper, but still know everything that happens to me.

-In my dreams I get punished for acting childish, and the person punishing me says, if you're going to ACT like a baby, you should LOOK like a baby.

When I'm punished, my freedom is taken away- I am put in a crib or a playpen, I have to eat in a highchair, have to drink from a baba, or eat baby food.

-I'll start off saying that when I do dream about diapers, as opposed to other subjects, it's because I was doing something diaper related before going to bed. Often RP-ing, or just running through short stories in my head, etc.

Mine are mostly hazy. Never did remember my dreams too well. Usually the highlights or bits and pieces. The parts I do remember are often the more humiliating and embarrassing bits... often messy diapers being pointed out and poked at/pushed in, stuff like that. Just making me feel it.... I'm... quite a naughty girl I suppose. Most of those messy bottoms are often from punishments.... or the occasional laxative I didn't know about.. usually how my fantasies go at least.

- I just last night had a diaper dream! In it I went to surprise my mom by going to stay with her for a few days at her house out in the country, only to find out my moms youngest sister (aka my aunt) already had her car parked in the driveway. Curious I used my key to sneak in and heard loud cries and the distinct sounds of spanking coming from my moms room. Sure enough I go in and see my aunt bent over my moms knee, naked from the waist down, being spanked with a large hair brush, and with a very yellow diaper hanging between her clenched thighs. It being a dream my mom simply looked up and gave me a warm smile before cheerily explaining that my aunt had been naughty and let her diaper leak. I then nodded in agreement before dropping my pants and asking if she could change me when she was finished.

-Being treated like a baby by a boyfriend, with no restraints and no limits. I would want to be a full baby, and treated as such, i.e. wearing baby clothes, being diapered, using baby items and furniture, presenting myself in public as a baby, having the bladder and bowel control of an infant.

-I have an infrequent dream about a facility where adults wearing diapers can go to be changed by an attendant.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! If you're a woman and you haven't taken the poll yet, please consider heading over to mister poll-- your participation is greatly appreciated.